Dancing Dog
Dancing DIia DOg

Are you familiar with the dance known as the Merengue? According to Webster Dictionary, the Merengue is a ballroom dance that is of Haitian and Dominican origin. It is performed in 2/4 time and the dancers drag one of their feet with each step. In this post, a smiling dog dances the Merengue and wags her tail as she does so.

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Many dogs seem to enjoy performing a variety of tricks and they are not that hard to teach. However, there are some people who are unhappy when they see dogs performing when money is involved or if they are asked to walk on their hind legs.

I will not get into a debate about this topic. I love dogs and respect the opinions of those who do not think dogs should be performers. However, it is hard for me to think that this particular dog does not enjoy dancing.

More than just dancing

Many dogs enjoy interacting with their humans and the bonding done when learning new tricks can be a good thing. The time they spend with one another when training and again when showing off seems to enjoyed by both man and his best friend.

If you have never taught your dog, you may not realize just how much fun it can be for both of you. Some tricks are used to improve a dog’s general skills. Not all tricks are as easy as the basic ones and take more time and effort to teach.


Not all dogs have the physical ability to master some of the more challenging movements required to perform some of the more advanced tricks. Dancing the Merengue takes more skill than the average dog possesses.


If you enjoy seeing performing dogs, you will like this. https://happymutt.org/musicians-adopt-musical-dog-from-korea/

Smiling Dog Dances the Merengue

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