Newfoundland and little blonde girl
A Faithful Pair of Best Buds

These 3 stories of faithfulness are ones you will not want to miss. Each one tells the story of a dog and her best friend and how they reacted then separated.

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The 1st Of The 3 Stories of Faithfulness

Mom Gabriela shares the first of the three stories with us. On each school day, as she takes her son to school, she has to calm her dog down. She is distraught over her buddy leaving her.

The sad dog does all she can to prevent her best friend from exiting the car. Just the idea of being without him all day breaks her heart. Poor kid! He has no choice. He must go to school.

Once the boy is no longer in the car, the poor pup is so sad. She just does not understand why her best friend would leave her. Gabriela does her best to console him but it is not enough.

At frst, nothing seems to work in spite of Gabriela’s best efforts. The heartbroken dog continues to whimper and moving from one side of the back seat to the other. Gabriela tells the dog that they will be going back to get her son at the end of the day.

Finally, the faithful dog begins to calm down and listen to Gabriela. At one point, she joins Gabriiela in the front seat and begins to calm down. Gabriela tells us that this happens every day when she drops off her son and it is heart-breaking for all three of them.

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The 2nd Of The 3 Stories of Faithfulness

When Sierra is ready to leave home for school, Samson is there to see her off. Just before she leaves, Sierra gives fluffy Samson three kisses on his nose.  It’s so adorable! Samson must have loved those kisses! Those two share a very strong bond.

Newfoundland and little blonde girl
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It is good that Sierra will not be gone for too long because these two giant dogs can hardly wait for her to return home. They will be ready to play the very minute she returns from school.

Samson and his brother, Sebastian, are amazing dogs.  Both of them love Sierra and having fun with her every chance they get. Their winning personalities and playful attitudes make them fun to watch. Check out these two video clips of the three of them.

Little Girl Loves Huge Dogs Like Siblings

The Third of the Stories of Faithfulness

Ths story takes the stories of faithfulness to a whole new level! This video clip was created in the fall of 2017nin Amsterdam City.  The star of the show is Deta who was the constant and devoted canine companion of an elderly lady until recently.

Unfortunately, the 86 year old lady had passed on a few months back and Deta was still mourning her loss. He currently lives with the elderly lady’s daughter, Theresa, and her spouse. On this occasion, Deta does not want to leave the gravesite of his companion.

Theresa convinces Deta to walk a little way from the grave but no further. He soon returns to his place of vigilence. Then Theresa’s husband tries to cajole Deta to leave the gravesite. Theresa is in tears when Deta insists on sitting next to the grave.

At one point, Theresa posted online: “Deta belonged to my mother for five years and I inherited Deta on my mothers’ death….My husband and I were placing a Christmas wreath on my mother’s grave on November 15.

“That stone Deta is laying next to belongs to my father and mother. You can still see the fresh dirt on my mothers’ grave. She passed September 24, 2017… My husband had to go and carry her from the grave to get her to leave.”

There are so many stories of loving, devoted dogs to their human companions that it is hard to narrow it down to three.  Don’t forget to share these 3 stories of faithfulness with your friends.

If you have a story you would like to share with us, please do so in the Comment Box below.

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