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This story is about how a lucky dog is comforted by her rescuer from a secondary rescue shelter. Did you even know that this was an option?

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Shelter dogs can have hard lives even if they are off the streets. Often times, they are not properly cared for. This is either because of a lack of funds or because of the high number of dogs that they have all at once.

Some of these shelter dogs, however, are lucky enough to be rescued by other organizations just in time. This is a story that might surprise you.

Saved from a city shelter

Howl of a Dog is an organization that rescues dogs and helps them get adopted. They are not limited to the rescue of dogs who are out on the streets.

They also go into city shelters to save dogs from being neglected or even euthanized. One of these dogs was Bella.

Rescuing the dog

Bella was a sweet dog that they found locked up in a small kennel at a city shelter. She was thin and her coat was seriously matted when they rescued her.

She was also full of fleas and, therefore, had significant itching. If your dog has fleas or you wish to prevent them, check out https://excellentdogsclub.com/ways-to-protect-your-dogs-from-fleas/

Upon being rescued, the dog was immediately taken to the vet to be examined. Luckily, she had no major health conditions and only needed supplements for her liver and spleen.

An exhausted dog is comforted by her rescuer

Bella was so relieved to be able to get out of her kennel that she fell asleep with her head and front paws on her rescuer’s lap. It was clear that she was just exhausted.

She had spent years stuck behind bars with no one to care for her. In spite of the lack of personal attention and bonding, she was still sweet and trusting.

Although a total stranger to her, she did not shy away from the comforting hands of the person that rescued her. She seemed to know that this person can be trusted.

Finding peace

The loving care that she finally received gave her a sense of peace that she hadn’t felt in a long time. This may have been the reason why she was able to fall asleep as quickly as she did.

Bella needed more than food, water, and shelter. She longed for tender, loving care. With this rescue came the calming reassurance that only being loved by a human can give.

Bella feels so much safer right now but she needs a permanent home, a family of her own. Can you imagine how much better her life will be once someone takes her into their heart and home?

There are thousands of dogs who, like Bella, are waiting for someone to foster them. Even more importantly, they need to be adopted.

Do you have room in your heart and home for a dog who needs you to rescue them? Be sure to engage both your head and your heart when considering the adoption of a dog.

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Check out this video about Bella’s rescue:

Source: Howl Of A Dog | Youtube




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