boy and his dog
boy loves his dog enough to sell his toys to save his life

Boy sells his toys to save his service dog

The world is full of good-hearted people. No matter how corrupt our society today may seem, one good heart is enough to influence kindness upon others. This boy sells his toys to save his service dog.

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A 10-year-old boy proved that material attachment offers nowhere near the joy that the love of a dog can bring.  He proved his love for the dog by selling all of his toys for the sole purpose of obtaining a significant sum of money for his service dog’s treatment.

Connor, the kind-hearted young boy, is suffering from anxiety, PTSD and chronic headache disorder. With the help of Copper, who has been his service dog and a source of great comfort.

Connor was also diagnosed with nocturnal seizures. This diagnosis was made only because of Copper’s keen and careful watch to the boy.

The Diagnosis: Wobbler’s Syndrome or CSM

It was in December of 2017 that Copper was diagnosed with a developing limp. Later on, it was discovered that the limp was due to Wobbler’s Syndrome.

It is a disease generally found in large dogs such as Copper. (He is a Doberman). Its technical name is cervical spondylomyopathy syndrome or CSM.

Wobbler’s is a condition wherein nerve roots and/or the spinal cord is compressed and leads to neck pain. Actually, it refers to any one of several malformations of the cervical spine that is characterized by a wobbly gait, weakness, and pain.

Rarely seen in small dogs, it is most commonly seen in the large or giant breeds of dogs and in horses. Known to be more common in males than in females. It is more often a progressive disease but can occur acutely as well.

The Treatment Is Very Expensive So Boy Sells HisToys to Save His Service Dog

Once learning that treating and caring for a dog with Wobblers’ Syndrome is quite expensive, Connor held nothing back. He immediately began to plan and organize the hosting of a garage sale with his toys as the items to be sold.

Aside from this humongous effort, he also made a lemonade stand. From there, he also sold other treats as an income-generating project to help pay for his friend’s treatment.

Jennifer, Connor’s mom, said that he had cleaned out the whole playroom just because he wanted to save his dog. Connor is just that kind of kid. He gives 100% to those whom he loves.

Why The Need Is Bad Enough For A Boy To Sell His Toys To Save His Service Dog

A couple of years ago, Connor’s mom was awakened by Copper’s loud barking. Sensing that something terrible might be happening, she quickly responded.

If it had not been for Copper’s attention to Connor, they wouldn’t have known that the boy was having an episode of nocturnal seizures.

Connor’s mom shared that the studies or reports that were previously done on Connor, nothing really showed up. After all, seizures that happen at night are really the most difficult to diagnose.

Mom Captured the Nocturnal Seizures On Her Camera

When the seizures happened again a few weeks later, Jennifer was prepared. She was able to record it on her camera. She then showed the footage to their neurologist. That way, Connor was able to get the right diagnosis and the right medicines.

Connor Has Additional Medical Issues 

Copper also helped out with Connor’s other medical issues as well. When the boy experienced anxiety attacks, Copper would use his body similar to a weighted blanket. By lying on top of the child, he comforted him and caused the anxiety attack to slowly go away.

Jennifer also mentioned that Connor is now able to manage his seizures better. It is with thanks to their pet, Copper. She calls him their protector as well as their very faithful friend and companion.

When the sale of the toys was not enough, he then started a GoFundMe campaign

The good news is, since Cooper’s family initiated a campaign on GoFundMe for Cooper’s treatment, it has raised up to $18,000. It only takes a ripple to start a wave.

When people saw how dedicated Connor was to save the companion that saved him, they were quick to aid as well. With the amount collected, we can say that Copper and Connor’s friendship has many years to be enjoyed.

Should you need to obtain medical care for your dog and not have the money to do so, check out this article.

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