Black Newfoundland lying on grass
Newfoundland waiting on an apology

Is a formal apology required for furgiveness from your fur baby when your hurt his feelings or accidentally step on his toes? Do you actually have to say the “Magic Words”?

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Our furry best friends bring many experiences to our lives. We all have memories that we carry with us forever that include them. Most of those memories tell the story of precious friendships that last for many years.

However, just like when living with other humans, accidents sometimes happen. Unintentionally, we step on their tail or one of their paws.

Maybe, we speak harshly to them over something that was not even their fault. We know that they love us and do not hold a grudge against us. Still, we feel badly about it.

Is A Formal Apology Required?

In the video included below, there is a wonderful example of a human attempting an apology to her fur baby. Ralphie is a gorgeous Newfoundland.

Ralphie was so upset that he gave his human one of the coldest shoulders you have ever seen! He may not speak English in the same way we do but he can really communicate well.

Communication is comprised of both understanding what others are trying to get across to you and being able to reciprocate.

We all know that dogs can tell when we are upset. Many researchers have proven this with their studies. Check this out.

Ralphie, and other dogs as well, sense a positive connection between what the human is saying and the pleasant sound of their voice. This time, however, Ralphie wanted more.

It was not until the woman actually utters the “Magic Words” that Ralphie gave her the response she really wanted to receive. Once she gives him the kind of apology Ralphie wanted, he responded.

Although you can see his love for her in Ralphie’s eyes, his actions makes it very clear that he forgave her.

 Both of them enjoyed the super cuddle and were ready to continue to normal course of their lives again. If you enjoy the video clip, please let us know in the comments and be sure to pass it on to your dog-loving friends who would appreciate it as well.


Thanks to Rumble for this great video and to Dreamstime for the additional photo.

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