Gorgeous Husky, Star of Fake Dog Video?

Are you tired of fake dog videos? I don’t mean the kind of video where everyone knows up front that it isn’t real. We have all enjoyed funny videos where dogs play a starring role in some crazy situation.

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Fur parents are sometimes tempted to create a fake dog video in which they can highlight their furry kid. We all love to share videos of our kids, human or furry, right? There is no intent to deceive us.

Here is one example of a video that was created by a couple getting married and they wanted to include their fur baby. The video was creative and entertaining. It clearly did NOT intend to deceive anyone.

It was cute, creative, and clearly intended to include their fur baby in a way that they could also keep as a momento of their wedding.

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Why Do People Create Fake Dog Videos?

However, too frequently these days, we are seeing people that are trying to deceive us in some way. Why? I do not know. But I do know that I do not like to be deceived for any reason. How about you?

Is it because they are home with nothing to do and are trying to relieve their boredom? Do they think their fur baby is just so cute that we will be so happy to see him that we will not mind being duped?

Maybe their ego is in need of a boost and they need a “viral video” to make them feel better. Have they found a way to monetize the video and cash in on our love of dogs and our tendency to believe people?

Here Is A Recent Example of A Fake Dog Video

Technological advances today make life so much easier. Some tasks can be done without even lifting a single finger.

Today, there is a huge fuss over a device released by Apple Inc. It is called Siri, a virtual assistant that is always ready to help. This technology provides answers to people’s questions on any topic.

Although technology can be very helpful, it is also sometimes amusing in its own right. This circulating dog video combines technology and a gorgeous Husky.

Huskies are known for their vivid personalities. They certainly cannot speak the human language, but they love talking in their own special way. They use varied howling sounds, many of which may sound human.

There are so many captured moments by pet owners where Huskies are very entertaining. They are very smart dogs and are easy to coax into situations they seem so real that we may forget that they are staged.

Where The Problem Lies

Technology and quirky pets make a very entertaining video. A good example of this is a Husky and Siri. It is presented as though the Husky independently interacted with Siri and got a legitimate response.

In the video, the Husky is in front of a smartphone where Siri was installed. He emitted a small howl that the owner thinks sounded like the word hello. The typical Siri response appeared on the screen.

The dog’s mom acts surprised when Siri replied and asked the Husky to repeat what was just said. If you are familiar with Siri, you will recognize the auto prompts given when they have no idea what you are saying.

Technology is truly amazing but there are limits to what Siri can do. It may be able to interpret many languages but Canine is not one of them.

The dog’s owner laughed gleefully in the background. Siri kept true to the script for trying to figure out what the customer was asking. It had nothing to do with what the confused dog is doing.

The owner gave the dog treats and cues to encourage him to continue the farce. For a couple of seconds, Siri did not answer. The persistent owner kept on trying her luck.

Her persistence was not totally wasted. She finally got Siri to respond yet again. The video continued and the dog’s “mom” finally joined the dialogue between Siri and her Husky.

Siri may be great for humans who enjoy this kind of thing but it is not made to answer queries posed by non-human questioners.

In Conclusion…

I know that I may be the only one peeved by animal videos that try to give an impression that is not entirely honest. All of the comments I have seen with this video suggested this was meant to be taken as gospel truth.

It appears to me that it is a recording of a woman trying to train her dog to “speak” on command. Nothing wrong with that if it were billed that way.

Passing it off as a candid interaction between a dog and Siri that was incidentally caught on video is another thing entirely. Do you see why I find this to be irritating, to say the least?

If you knew what the video was really like before seeing it, would you have wasted your time? Do you resent titles created to make you open a video when they turn out to be less than honest? I do.

Sometimes a really cute video comes along that you want to share and the title comes with it. You have no control over that and the choice is to share it as is or not. I am torn as to how best to handle this.

We Need Your Help In Dealing With Fake Dog Videos

I would appreciate your help with this. We share many educational and entertaining videos with you here and on our social media pages. You should have a say in the kind of material we share with you.

Would you rather we send those videos of questionable intent to you and let you decide about reading or deleting them? Do you prefer we just not send them at all?

Please send us some FeedBack on this topic in the comment box below.



Source K’eyush The Stunt Dog via Youtube

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