Keeping a pet’s area fresh and clean can be hard at times. Their hair can be found everywhere and I hate to even mention the house training accidents. Cleanup strategies for areas soiled by dogs are useful to have in place. The following are some tips for cleanup in general as well as cleanup strategies for areas soiled by dogs.

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How to Remove Fur

*Comb and brush your dog daily to help keep hair from falling on furniture and sticking on clothes. This is especially important during the season when their fur sheds a lot. Cover chairs, couches or pet beds, with a dog blanket that’s easy-to-wash.

*Regularly clean the filters of air conditioners, dryers, and furnaces.

*Use a vacuum cleaner that has a beater bar and brush on carpets, rugs and other furniture.

*Mop hardwood flooring with an anti-dust spray.

*Use old clothes or damp paper towels to clean corners and counters.

*To clean upholstery, bedding, and drapes, wipe using a damp cloth, paper towel, or rubber glove in one direction.

*On clothes, use tape rollers to remove dog hair. Wide masking or packing tape with the sticky side rolled around your hand is also a good alternative.

*When it comes to upholstery and clothing, a velour brush is also one of the better choices. To remove hair, rub in one direction. Then, to remove the hair from the brush, rub in the opposite direction.

*For washable items, use one of the methods above to remove the hair. Together with moist towels and fabric softener sheets, dry clean items like cushions in a dryer set on air.

How to Clean Vomit, Urine, And Solid Waste

*Clean the area using paper towels as soon as possible. Solid waste can be removed using a knife, piece of cardboard or used boxes.

*Avoid cleaning products with ammonia. It only draws your dog back to the same spot.

*All-purpose cleaner, diluted white vinegar or dish soap can be a good remedy for accidents and then rinse afterward. If the spot is already clean, use a rag or sponge that has white vinegar to wipe the area.

*For carpets, place paper towels on the stain and stand on it until most of the wetness is soaked up. Once done, use dishwashing liquid or natural carpet cleaning products. *Never scrub a stain or it will spread. Use a wet sponge to rinse and then for 10 minutes, let soak with club soda. Put white cloth towels over the stain with heavy material like a pile of magazines or books. Leave it until the next morning.

*Spray using enzymatic bacteria odor neutralizer or laundry enzymatic pre-soak product the following day. It must soak as deeply as the urine did and needs to remain wet and warm for up to 24 hours. To avoid drying out, cover the wet area with plastic.

*Launder washable items through one washing machine cycle to remove urine. Put a cup of vinegar without detergent then wash it as usual.

*Urine odor can be hard to remove from hardwood floors and porous concrete. To temporarily solve this, use odor remover. A thin coating of concrete can be poured on concrete floors for a severe case. Hardwood floors, on the other hand, may need to be sanded or covered altogether with a protective finish. Severely stained wood floors may have to be replaced.

Three More Vital Points To Mention

*To help keep a fresh-smelling room, open jars of vinegar in the corners.

*Because they have highly sensitive stomachs, some dogs vomit at the slightest provocation. Therefore, it’s best to give them food that has no dyes or other substances containing iron oxide. This keeps your carpet from getting orange and red stains.

*Discuss with your veterinarian if a soiling problem is constantly happening. There may be an underlying medical condition causing this that needs to be addressed.

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