Woman laughing at humorous dog videos

Here are half a dozen, short humorous dog videos for your viewing pleasure! Which one is your favorite?

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Why do you think dog lovers seem to enjoy watching videos of dogs caught doing funny things?

Laughing out loud at some hilarious joke, feeling happy ...

Babies and Dogs Can Really Make Us Laugh!

I cannot keep from laughing myself when I hear a baby laughing hysterically for whatever reason. What about you? I have no idea what she finds so funny about a dog eating popcorn! Do you? What do you think is making her laugh so hard?

Humorous Dog Video # 2

This dog is really entertaining everyone at the park, isn’t he? I am not sure why he does not want to go home but he is making his wishes known quite clearly!

The onlookers were clearly enjoying the interaction between the man and his dog. Did you notice some of them applauded the dog’s actions?

He reminds me of a toddler not wishing to leave the playground but still not wanting his parent to leave him there. I had a similar experience with one of our kids many years ago when leaving the grocery store.

This Humorous Dog Video Scared Me!

Some people laugh whenever they see anyone slip and fall or even if they trip over an object. Comedy skits have taken advantage of this fact over the years. We have all seen some slip on a banana peel in a skit, right?

Not me, I have never thought it to be funny. Knowing how dangerous a slip and fall can keeps me from laughing. However, the way this dog so enthusiastically chases this ball does make me laugh! How about you?

This Humorous Dog Video Has Made It Around The World On Social Media

Why do you think this dog is really bouncing and contorting like he is? Does he have a terrible itch that needs scratching or does he just love the beat of the music? I suspect treats and lots of attention might play a role in encouraging this doggie dance.

Self Preservation Is A Strong Instinct

Their friendship might never be the same after this pup throws her buddy under the bus. Do you accept her accusation as the gospel truth or are you a little bit suspicious about this claim of innocence?

One Last Humorous Dog Video For Your Viewing Pleasure Today

It isn’t nice to tease a dog but at least this one speaks up for himself? Reportedly, this video has been viewed by approximately 200 million YouTubers.

If you take into account all of the other social media sites where it has played there is no telling how many people have seen and shared this video.

Do you think this video is funny enough to have received so much attention? Is it really that hilarious? Will you share it as well?

In closing, we all enjoy a good laugh! Feel free to share the joy with your friends by sharing these humorous dog videos with others.

If you are in the mood to keep laughing, check out these videos. https://happymutt.org/four-of-the-funniest-dog-videos-ever/

Funny Dog Videos That Will Leave You Smiling

Photo of a woman laughing courtesy of freepik.com

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