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Do you want to own a dog so bad but your parents are totally against the idea? Are you desperate to find out how to quickly convince your parents to get you a dog?

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Well, your parents may be having very genuine reasons for saying no, but all hope is not lost. Remember the saying; you can be anything you dream of? Yes, you can be a proud dog owner; you just need to negotiate your way into having one. You can convince your parents to get you a dog.

Here Is The Strategy You Need to Convince Your Parents to Get You A Dog

Here is a strategy that will definitely help you to convince your parents to say YES in the shortest time possible.

1.Rearrange your routine

There is a lot that goes into owning a dog besides just the fun of it. You will need to rearrange your routine to fit new tasks such as walking, feeding, and cleaning the dog and its utensils as well as training him.

Come up with a new routine that will accommodate all those tasks. By doing so you are convincing your parents that you are ready for the new tasks ahead.

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2.Present the routine

Planning is not all. You will need to present the plan to your parents and explain to them how you will execute each step. Show them what time you have allocated for each task. However, don’t let the dog activities interfere with your school and other important activities. The idea here is to show that you can balance the two.

3.Execute the routine

Actually demonstrate that you can and will do what you have indicated on the paper. If your parents were not convinced earlier, this should work the magic. If you had problems managing your previous tasks (like making your bed, organizing your room or doing your homework on time), this is the time to turn over a new leaf.

Even better, take on some a few additional tasks to show them that you can handle more. Helping with dishes or taking out the trash without being asked to do so indicates a level of maturity ready to take care of a pet.

4.Research as much as you can

You need to be equipped with information about the dog you wish to have.  Dog breeds vary greatly in personalities and physical needs. They require different care. Analyze what type of people you and your family are first. Choose a breed to fit your family’s lifestyle.  You must consider the space available in your home as well. Don’t forget to research vaccinations, illnesses common to that breed and how to train a dog.

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5. Save up to help pay for the dog’s needs

Owning a dog comes with some expenses. Save up some cash by taking up part-time jobs such as babysitting, lawn mowing or making crafts to sell on Etsy. A great way to really impress your parents would be to pet sit a neighbors’ dog. This will show them you can actually take care of a dog while earning a few dollars as well. You need to know how much it costs to own a dog. https://happymutt.org/can-you-afford-to-own-a-dog/

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6.Explain your reasons for wanting a dog

Talking to your parents and explaining to them the benefits of owning a dog could be the game-changer. Share about a dog being a good family companion, offering security to your home, teaching you and your siblings how to be responsible.

Don’t forget to mention that it will force you to be outdoors more often, which is a plus for your health. There are so many benefits of owning a dog, but just mention those that apply to you and your family.

7. Draw up a contract.

A contract is binding and this should convince your parents that you are committed. In the contract, clearly elaborate the specific tasks for which you will be responsible and for how often. For example, I will clean the dog’s house twice a month, or I will feed the dog every day at 7 am before I leave for school.

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8. Look into your parent’s concerns

Your parents must have genuine reasons why they do not think owning a dog is important. Reasons such as one parent being allergic to dog fur or put off by dog pee and poop. Listen to them and give them a solution to their concerns. Try as much as possible to be empathetic. Compromise should be your goal.

Owning a dog spells responsibility and more work for your parents. The only way to convince them otherwise is to show them that you are ready, willing and able for the responsibilities ahead. So start now and your birthday gift could just be that dog you have wanted for so long!

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