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Working for Flying Fur Animal Rescue, Paul has seen many animals in terrible shape. However, one situation was so bad that Paul will never forget it. Because he will always remember Cricket, the dog who was shot in the head and left for dead. As crazy as it sounds, this pit bull surprised them all by living!

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Cricket’s journey after being shot and left for dead

Initially, Paul found Cricket on the side of the street with a gunshot wound to her head. Quickly, he took her to a vet that treated her wound. Next, volunteers of the rescue group posted her story on Instagram. Then, they told readers that donations were needed for this poor little pit bull shot and left for dead.

A rescue group was taking excellent care of the dog. They were preparing her to fit in with the home she deserves. They were exceptionally gentle with Cricket. However, although she had healed and was physically fit, she still suffered from the trauma of being shot.

New Hampshire resident, Morgan Avery, read the Instagram post about Cricket. When she saw the pictures of the dog, her heart broke. Instantly, she knew that she wanted to take care of Cricket.

Paul was the pilot who flew the aircraft taking Cricket and another dog to New Hampshire. In reflection, he recalled how scared Cricket was to even board the plane.

Quietly, Cricket sat beside Paul on the airplane. She looked at him with such incredibly sad eyes. Paul hugged her and wrapped her in a blanket. Finally, Cricket relaxed enough to fall asleep.

At that moment, Paul was confident that Cricket finally felt safe. Paul said it was a privilege to be able to comfort Cricket and to take her to her new home.

New forever home

Morgan picked the dog up in the middle of the night. When the man driving the truck brought Cricket out to her, Morgan began to cry the moment she saw her.

Cricket must have felt like a princess in her new life. With rare exceptions, Morgan and her boyfriend took Cricket with them everywhere they went. She was their constant companion and rarely out of their sight.

As it turns out, the three of them are quite an adventurous trio They took Cricket along with them to go paddle-boarding, hiking, and even snowboarding. Luckily, Cricket is quite athletic herself!

Initially, Cricket walked slowly and with her head down. Later, after a few months with her new family, she pranced and jumped around.  Obviously, she had found a new life filled with excitement and joy.

And, when Morgan and her boyfriend got married, Cricket was at their wedding. Understandably, the guests found the dog so cute and Cricket loved all the attention she received.

In conclusion, Morgan was happy that Cricket finally had the life she deserved.

Watch the heartwarming video clip below of Cricket, the Pit Bull shot and left for dead. Sadly, not all dogs that are shot have such a happy ending.

For example, you may wish to read this true story of a child’s pet that was killed by a man terrified of all Pit Bulldogs. It was written as a memorial to our grandchildren’s dog, Mick. I hope you will read it. https://happymutt.org/affectionate-family-pet-or-aggressive-fighting-dog/

Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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