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They say that a house fire can be the worst thing that could happen to a person. It may mean a loss of properties, and may even result in loss of life. Sometimes. that life is not human but it was still a member of the family. This time,  “pup saved from house fire” made the headlines instead of reporting its death.

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In Blakey, Georgia, one dog’s life changed when the house it was living in caught fire. The firefighters did their best to quench the fire. While they were doing so, they learned that inside the house was the owner and two dogs.

Although there was a loss of life, one puppy was rescued.

Unfortunately, the fire was quite massive, and it took the life of the owner of the house and another pet dog. Thankfully, Ruby was only injured. They weren’t able to find Ruby during the time of the fire. They thought that Ruby lost her life in the fire as well.

Other owners of the house went back after a few days to see the situation and if there was anything that worth salvaging. While they were there, they saw Ruby. She was suffering from burns and needed immediate medical attention. They were there in time to rescue one puppy from the fire even if it required medical care.

They rushed her to the nearest veterinarian to get the treatment that she needs. The vet told them that Ruby had third-degree burns seemingly all over her body. He also thought that Ruby might have tried to escape and ran through the blaze.

Pup Saved From House Fire Is Now Homeless

Ruby now didn’t have an owner. She was then taken in by a rescue group. They found her a foster mom named Karey. While she was staying there, some members of the firemen who responded to the house fire learned about Ruby’s survival story and went to meet the dog. The firemen found the dog to be adorable and decided that they were going to adopt her.

Now, Ruby lives with the firemen and is now an official member of the team. She even has a badge of her own to prove that. Ruby has been a constant source of strength and happiness, and hope for the firefighters.

Source: WDHN

Source: WDHN

On a personal note, our home was destroyed by fire when I was in my teens. Thankfully, we were not home and no one was injured. We lost everything we owned and, to this day, still grieve the loss of personal momentos and pictures. It was a devastating event in our lives and its effect, although diminished, continues to this day.

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