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Are your fur babies easily excited? What is most likely to get them excited? Going to the park or doggy daycare?  Dogs usually enjoy play-time with other dogs whenever they get the chance to do so.

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puppies playing together
playful puppies

 Typically, dogs at doggy daycare romp and play most of the day. You would imagine that they would be worn out by the end of the day. Playing tug-of-war or chasing one another around the play area can be tiring!

However, if you think that these two pups are too tired to be excited over seeing their “Dad”, you are mistaken! Just as soon as they noticed him waling in the door to pick them up, they went wild!

These two adorable pups were super excited. You could say that they were “hyper”. They were all over him!

Why Would These Dogs Be So Excited?

The reason these dogs are so happy to see their “Dad” is that they are full of love for him. They have grown up in a home full of love. The joy they are demonstrating cannot be faked!

After working all day, this lucky fellow must be happy to be greeted by his two excited pups who are thrilled to see him.

Whether our dogs greet us at the end of a day at doggy day care or when we walk into the door of our homes, we want them to be excited to see us.Right? Does it not make your day?

No Comparison

These two playful pups always enjoy playing with other dogs at the day care. However, that does not compare to the way they feel about the time they spend with their dad.

Even though they are eager to get home to play with Dad, they can’t wait to tell him all about their day. They had fun but they still missed being with him!

One of the two excited dogs could not refrain from sharing all about his day with Dad. He had so much fun playing tug-of-war, chasing balls and eating treats.

puppy focused on a small ball
corgi puppy focused on his ball

What Is Doggy Day Care?

As you would imagine, doggy day care is very much like day-care for kids. It is a short-terrm care option for people with a very busy schedule and who do not want to leave their fur babies alone for long periods of time.

Employees of doggy day care facilities are lucky people! Can you imagine spending your day with lovable dogs? Watching them play, giving them hugs and treats in return for their cuddles and kisses would be a great way to earn a living!

Woman holding a dog
Love is a two way street

Dogs are members of our families, our best friends and even our defenders. They are often the best part of our days. Regardless of the kind of days we have at work, they cheer us up at the end of the day! They can always put a smile on our face.

Don’t forget to share this smile-inducing video with your friends and family! If you enjoy reading about doggy day care, check out this article with a different twist. https://excellentdogsclub.com/dog-escaped-from-her-home-to-visit-doggie-daycare/


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