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Getting stranded inside your own house during a rainy day can make it challenging for your dog to get much-needed exercise. Boredom will inevitably become a problem if the rain continues to make him inactive. Nevertheless, exercising your dog on rainy days is important.

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Luckily, there are a number of activities you and your dog can do to keep your dog active even if you’re indoors. Here are a few:

Indoor Agility Training Is Great For Exercising Your Dog On Rainy Days

Practicing your dog for indoor agility is an exciting way to exercise your dog during these cold rainy days. Fancy and expensive equipment aren’t really needed to perform indoor agility.

You can make an indoor agility course by using ordinary household materials lying around. Boxes, brooms, and towels are great for building simple courses for your dog. You can let your dog weave through the boxes and jump over the broomsticks.

Your imagination is the limit when building the indoor agility courses for your dog. You can make your course a little bit more challenging once your dog has mastered the basics of indoor agility. This will mentally stimulate your dog and increase their overall focus while also building muscle and enhancing their agility.


Free Shaping

This fun activity is one of the most interesting ways to train your dog and is suitable for rainy days. Free Shaping is a way of developing certain specific behaviors by the use of consecutive small steps to achieve it. This training takes a lot of patience and both timing and consistency are critical elements required for success. It clearly is a more advanced training technique and is fun for both the dog and the trainer.

The main goal of shaping games is to make your dog try something new while allowing them a significant degree of free choice. Free shaping is actually very versatile, that’s what makes it so fun. You can actually do it anywhere, inside or out.

Clickers rather than treats are best for reinforcing behaviors in this style of training. You can look up training videos by Dr. Sophia Yin and others. They demonstrate how to perform fundamental free shaping exercises with your dog. This is one of those things for which a video demonstration is worth much more than a thousand words. Check it out.

Indoor Fetch

A quick game of indoor fetch can be a very proactive way of training your dog during rainy days. Indoor fetch can greatly improve that special bond between you and your dog. It also increases his overall physical and mental fitness. You can use a favorite toy, a Frisbee or a plain old bouncy ball for your dog to fetch.

Keep in mind to stay away from using heavy toys. This can easily break fragile objects inside your house. Also, remember to choose an appropriate place inside your house. 

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Places like the kitchen and living room might not be the best choice because of the many hazards present in those rooms. You can always choose to play catch with your dog. The control you have over this activity reduces the risk of breaking valuable items inside your house.

Exercise is necessary for your dog’s mental and physical well-being. Don’t let a little rain stop your dog from getting this much-needed exercise. Exercising your dog on rainy days is vital for his health. Don’t forget to have fun while doing it!


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