For almost every wedding, it is of primary importance to the couple to have their loved ones grace the occasion. In addition, many brides and grooms also like to include their pets in this all-important event. Should your dog be included in your wedding? There are many varied opinions on this issue.

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Sometimes pets are included as members of the wedding party. Other times, they are included as guests who are there to help minimize pre-wedding jitters. Some brides and grooms reduce their anxiety by spending a few moments with their dog before walking down the aisle.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Deciding Should Your Dog Be Included In Your Wedding

Several questions and thoughts usually arise when considering having one’s pet included in the wedding. Here are 5 important things to consider before making that decision to include pets in your Wedding.

The First Two Questions Concern All Dogs

1. There are several rules and guidelines on the use of wedding venues which sometimes restrict pets from being present. Therefore, you need to confirm if the venue will accommodate a dog’s presence. Many churches will not allow animals in their buildings other than for a Nativity scene at Christmas.

2. It is important to note that some people are sensitive to dogs for various reasons. Some people are highly allergic to dogs and you could be jeopardizing someone’s health. Others may have a terrible fear of dogs after having been bitten by a dog in the past.

In order to help the groomsmen and bridesmaid prepare for the occasion, it is important to discuss your decision to include your dogs in the wedding well in advance of the event. Not only must you consider the wedding party when thinking about allergies and fears, but you must also think of your invited guests as well

These Three Queries Are Specifically For Your Dog

3. Does your dog really fit into this kind of event? This is simply because some dogs don’t adjust easily to new conditions. Some dogs do not do well with strangers. They would not be comfortable around the many new faces that will be present at the wedding. We, therefore, need to verify whether the dog is the shy or social type before including them.

4. It is important to define the role that your dog will be playing at the wedding. This could be carrying your rings at the wedding ceremony or even filming the occasion. Attaching a camera to your dog can provide photos from a very different and more casual point of view.

5. Finally, the dog must be trained to behave well around your guests. This will include a series of practice sessions before the occasion. You need to avoid adding any form of pressure on the bride and groom on their big day. To help make sure that the dog behaves well, you can delegate someone to be with him throughout the occasion. They should be prepared to remove the dog quickly if it becomes necessary.




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  1. Dear Susan, Yes it is a must to consider the following points before deciding whether or not to consider including pets for the celebration. I faced the same issue during my wedding as I am great lover of dogs but as there were constrains in the Venue with regards to pets we weren’t able to include them or the guest’s pets into the venue. It was your blog that helped me reconsider.

    • Daniel,
      Thank you for taking the time to read my article and to comment. I am happy to have been of some help to you.


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