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There are several reasons why dogs hump. Dogs, regardless of their sex or whether their neutered or not, are prone to humping. They aren’t particular and will mount whatever object they find within their line of sight. This is true unless they have been trained not to do so.

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This humping behavior can be directed to all sorts of inanimate objects from couch pillows to stuffed animals. Or, at times, other living things like humans (either your legs or arms) and fellow canines. Dogs hump due to a wide range of reasons.

This Behavior is Indiscriminate

The fact of the matter is that your pet’s humping is rather indiscriminate. Sometimes you might notice your female dog humping another female dog or your male dog humping another male dog.

This behavior is not out of the ordinary nor is it strictly sexual in nature. There ought to be no moral or ethical question arising from this observation of your dog’s humping choices. The more important to ask is this: what are the lesser-known reasons why dogs hump? Here are several reasons why dogs hump.

Stress and Anxiety

Stressed-out dogs are prone to finding ways to dispel their excess energy or their anxiety. While some choose to bark, howl, rip things up, yelp, or dig, others prefer humping.

Dogs that have not been taught that humping is an unacceptable behavior often grow up with this as their primary coping mechanism for relieving stress. To prevent this from happening, early training is advised.  

Boredom is One of the Several Reasons Why Dogs Hump

Training your dog to hump less often, if not altogether stop it, will require a lot of time, patience, and dedication on your part. Also, you will need to be armed with lots of distractions, such as interesting toys and enticing games.

Humping can be minimized by ensuring that your dog gets all the physical and mental stimulation they require. A bored dog will do anything to entertain themselves and humping can easily be one of their chosen avenues.

Medical Problems

Some of the reasons dogs hump are emotional and some are medical. Dogs that are prone to excessive humping may be suffering from internal health anomalies. This is especially likely if they also bite or lick at their genital areas excessively.

These symptoms can sometimes be manifestations of illnesses such as an urinary tract infection. In this case, dogs hump to ease themselves from the discomfort of urinating or not being able to do so. Allergies can also be another reason.  

Less Common But A Potentially Painful Reason

If you notice your dog with erections sustained for longer periods than usual, he may be afflicted with the condition called priapism. A dog suffering from this condition will be more prone to excessive humping given their intense need for physical release.

As we know from commercials spotlighting erectile dysfunction, erections that won’t go away soon become a source of pain or discomfort. Your dog is not immune to this.

Sometimes, A Veterinarian is Needed to Deal  With the Several Reasons Why Dogs Hump

To be sure, consult your veterinarian. Sometimes excessive humping, especially if it’s out of the ordinary for your pet, can be a symptom of a health problem. The only way to ascertain if this is the case is by talking to an expert. They can also instruct you as to how to teach your dog not to engage in this behavior.

Now that you know the major reasons why dogs hump, you can do something about it. Knowledge is the first step to correcting any problem.


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