dramatic dog rescue on the ice
man saves dog from icy grave

A dog stuck in an icy lake cried to rescuers for help. This unfortunate dog found himself way in over his head and unable to get out of the icy water on his own.

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The dog was scared. He was shivering from the cold and close to death when his rescuers arrived. One of the men, in rescue harness, slid his way across the ice-covered lake to reach the freezing dog.

Thankfully, he was able to do this without breaking through the ice himself. He quickly came close enough to enter the frigid water where the dog had fallen through the ice. After entering the water himself, he was able to grab hold of the dog.

With some effort, he pulled the dog out of the water and on to the ice where they began to warm him up. The dog did not respond as they had hoped he would. His vital signs were not what they should be, either.

The dog stopped breathing

Suddenly, the dog stopped breathing and they thought that they might lose him. If they were not able to get him off the ice and into the ambulance immediately, he would not make it.

The members of the Theresa Fire Department and Charlie’s Dog Rescue team reacted quickly. Otherwise, the dog stuck in the icy lake would not be with us today. You can see the amazing and very dramatic footage of this rescue below.

Dog Stuck In Icy Lake Was Crying To Rescuers For Help

This guy slid across an icy lake to save a dog in freezing water. Everyone thought the dog was OK, but suddenly he stopped breathing — and they had to figure out how to get him back FAST.

Posted by The Dodo on Thursday, December 14, 2017

This dramatic rescue really tugged at our heart-strings when we heard the dog crying out for help. Thankfully, the heroic team was able to respond quickly to rescue this fortunate dog. Had they been just a few minutes later, he would not have made it.

Do you want to see another exciting dog rescue that involves freezing water, heroic men, and one Tuff dog? Then, check out this story. This dog was not as terrified nor so close to death as was the dog in the story above.

He was also able to enjoy several minutes of fame as he raised money to help the fire department that rescued him. This is a very interesting story as well.


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