This shelter dog cries every time he’s touched. However, when he met this woman, everything changed! This story is about a dog that has been so badly abused that he screams every time he is touched. This is because he is terrified that people will hurt him again.

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WARNING, Your Heart May Ache When You See The Terror in This Young Dog’s Eyes But Remember He Is Now Happy!

The short video clip starts off with loud yelps from the terrified dog while a woman pets him. The agonizing cries are blocked as they are too painful to hear.  However, you can see by his body language just how scared this poor dog must be.

This amazing woman keeps talking to, and gently rubbing on the shelter dog. She does her best to help him calm down.

Using her voice and touch, she tries to assure him that everything is going to be alright. However, the dog keeps crying for some time.

She continues to caress the dog gently and it eventually calms down. As the video is about to end, the poor dog finally senses some degree of security. He appears to realize that not everyone will bring him pain.

This video clearly leads us to believe that there was someone who hurt this defenseless creature throughout its life. However, the pup is now in safe and loving hands.

If You Decide To Adopt A Terrified Or Timid Dog

If you decide to adopt either a terrified or timid dog, be prepared. You are to be both congratulated and forewarned of the challenges and rewards ahead of you.

The first few weeks and even months may prove to be more than you bargained for. But, if you persevere until you break through to them, the rewards will be more than worth it!

Here are a few pointers to help you along the way

Be sure to read up on canine body language. Being able to better understand what your dog is feeling.  This can help you interact more effectively with your dog.

Give them their space and do not try to rush them through any process. You have brought them to a foreign place with unfamiliar smells and sounds.

They are already suffering from a lack of confidence. Also, they are likely to have a history of being abused.  So, there is a lack of trust in humans they need to overcome.

First of all, they need a quiet, out of the way, place to call their own. Provide them with a crate in a low traffic area. 

Place the crate away from bright lights and loud noises. If there is a TV in the room, keep the volume low. 

Remember not to look them directly in the eye. And, unless they approach you first, do not touch or talk to them needlessly.

It is ok to sit near their crate or another safe area at an angle. Try to ignore them unless they approach you.

Keep your voice low and calm around them, even when speaking to others. Don’t use a tone of pity when talking to them. You do not wish to confirm their feeling of fear or lack of confidence.

Having a treat, especially ones with a strong smell, on hand to entice them to approach you is not cheating! It is, actually, a great idea to keep some on hand when working with dogs. The stinkier, the better!

dog, puppy, getting a treat
adopted puppy being given special treats

Reinforcing Good Behavior Is Better Than Punishing Bad Behavior

Reinforcing good behavior is much more effective than punishing bad behavior. The carrot is better than the stick, especially with a timid dog.

Try to set up situations for them to be successful. And, do not forget to praise them when they are. Praise goes a long way to healing the dog’s ability to trust a human.

Accomplishing something builds self-confidence in both people and in dogs. So, look for opportunities for them to do well. Be careful that you do not push too far too fast.

The opposite is also true. So, do not set them up for failure. It is vital that you always end training sessions on a winning note. Here are a couple of articles on teaching your dog to help in that regard.

Two Tools Used to Help This Dog Who Cries Every Time He’s Touched

Gentle praise and frequent treats are two of your best tools for helping a timid pup come out of their shell. Each time they make a positive step forward and overcome fear, be sure to reward them.

Watching a frightened, rescue dog become a self-confident member of your family is well worth the extra time and effort required to do so.

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Photos Courtesy of Pixabay


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