We will never get tired of videos about the reunion between dogs and their estranged humans. This post about when an excited dog reunites with his Mommy post-deployment is especially touching.

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There’s something about these videos that warm our hearts and make us feel that everything’s right about the world. That is despite knowing that so many things are going wrong.

When So Many Things Are Going Wrong In Our Lives

The world is heating up. Fascism is on the rise. Capitalism has become a scourge. Pandemics are taking lives on every continent. Earthquakes, tornados, floods, and blizzards are wreaking havoc with our environment and taking lives.

There Is A Way to Temporarily Forget the Bad and to Think About the Good Things In Our Lives

But there’s a way to forget about all of that, at least momentarily. That is by way of watching dogs seeing their humans for the first time after a long time, such as our featured video. See the video, and try not to tear up.

At The Beginning of the Video, Murphy is Confused

The video begins with a woman in uniform, calling out her dog’s name. She shouts “Murphy “again and again. Soon enough, Murphy comes out of a house.

At first, Murphy appears to be confused. He can’t figure out what’s happening. He runs away from his mommy, barking.

Perhaps it’s Murphy’s way of punishing his mom a little for leaving him behind for too long. Maybe the dog wants to play hard to get. And, his strategy seems to be working.

Murphy’s Emotions Get the Best of Him

Murphy’s mom becomes even more solicitous of the dog’s welcome and attention after having been shunned at first. She drops on her knees and begs Murphy to come to her.

Still, Murphy is a bit stunned by the whole scenario. After all, it has been two, long years since he has seen his Mommy. And, he’s having a difficult time knowing what to make out of his overwhelming emotions.

Once Her Hat Is Gone, the Excited Dog Reunites With His Mommy Without Reservation

Finally, the woman in uniform takes off her hat. Doing so made her face look more familiar to Murphy. Can he trust his eyes and ears? The dog walks closer to her, and as soon as Murphy smells her familiar scent, the touching reunion happens.

Murphy starts to shower his mom with kisses and hugs. By this time, we are crying by the buckets. All’s well that ends well.

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