“Beagle Showers New Human Baby Sister With Genuine Love” is a video clip that will undoubtedly melt your heart. It’s incredible how dogs pour themselves into a new relationship without hesitation.

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Humans have a more complex relationship with others, not with dogs. When a dog decides to love you, they go all out. They give their love, trust, and loyalty, without asking for anything in return.

Like in this heartwarming video of Charlie the Beagle and his new baby sister. With more than 16 million views now, the video showcases precisely why dogs are man’s “best friend”.

It shows clearly why, out of all the domesticated animals, dogs are the ones to whom humans have opened their doors (and hearts). Not only are they loyal and protective, but they are also very talented and helpful as well.

Charlie the loving big brother

When Charlie’s “parents” knew that they were soon going to welcome a baby daughter, they decided to train their beagle, Charlie. They needed to desensitize him to being around this new member of the family and, at the same time, to be helpful to them as a “babysitter.”

A very talented dog, Charlie learned a lot of new tricks. He learned how to rock a crib using his paw, place a blanket over the baby, press the crosswalk button when they are out on walks, and he has even learned to play a giant piano keyboard.

beagle, dog, pet
big brother Charlie who showers his human baby sister with all the love she needs

What you can’t teach, though, are emotions. They cannot force Charlie to love the new baby. But as it turns out, they didn’t have to. Charlie adored the baby the instant he saw her. They are virtually inseparable, they play together, sleep together, and eat together.

Charlie has learned to be very patient around the baby. Sometimes, when he is resting, the baby will come over wanting to play. She will try to get on him, feed him, or even get him to fetch certain toys for her.

This is, without a doubt, a precious relationship that is going to last a lifetime. The love between the two is very evident. Charlie has been an amazing big brother to the baby, and indeed, that bond is bound to get even stronger.

If you have not yet viewed “Beagle Showers New Human Baby Sister With Genuine Love”, you need to do so right now. This is the most adorable video you are likely to watch this week.


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Source: Charlie The Beagle via Youtube

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