Aleecia Dahl’s grandfather and Coco, an adorable pup, are an inseparable pair. The duo always stays close to one another. They go on all kinds of adventures. Sometimes they just stroll around town together but, recently, they went shopping. The grandfather takes the dog everywhere!

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What Made Grandpa Change His Mind?

It was revealed that, in the past, Aleecia’s grandfather never wanted to have a dog. Apparently, Coco managed to change his mind. Once he met Coco they became best friends and inseparable. Coco has truly put a smile on his best friend’s face. Now, he is quite proud to have a lively, and constant, canine companion.

One of the pair’s favorite activities includes quietly sitting together on their favorite chair at home. Unfortunately, their favorite chair needed to be replaced. It had already served its purpose for many years.

Needing New Furniture Meant Shopping

Aleecia shared that her grandparents had recently moved to a new place. Thus, they needed to buy new furniture. This included a recliner suitable for Grandpa and Coco.

Grandpa wanted to find the perfect replacement for his and Coco’s favorite chair. So, he decided to take Coco with him to shop for a recliner. He wanted to make sure that Coco and he could sit comfortably together in the new chair. Since the grandfather takes the dog everywhere, he thought nothing of taking Coco recliner shopping.

chair shopping for man and dog
Is this chair too hard? too soft? or, Just right?

The pair visited several furniture stores. They wanted to make sure that they found the perfect chair for both of them to enjoy relaxing. Coco likes to sit on the footrest beside his buddy so it was important to be sure she would fit on it.

Just checking out the chair for comfort


It was heartwarming to see the pair go furniture shopping together. The employees of the furniture stores were amused by the sight of them checking out one recliner after another. They greeted Grandpa and Coco with a smile as they invited them to take their time looking for the perfect chair.

Coco seemed to enjoy the thought that she was part of the decision-making process. She probably also thinks that helping to choose the right chair is a crucial element of their relationship. Maybe that’s why she seemed to be so eager to help Grandpa choose the best chair to purchase.

Together, Coco and Grandpa found an ideal recliner to share. They will definitely enjoy spending time relaxing and sitting comfortably in the new chair for years to come.

Thanks to Aidpets for this touching story.

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