human like face on a dog
Dog with a human like face
human like face on a dog
Dog with a human like face

Nori has huge almond-shaped eyes. He also has pink lips that appear to put a slight smile on his face. If you gaze at Nori’s face, you will realize why his photos are so popular on social media. This adorable dog with a human-like face goes viral whenever shared online.

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The Australian Shepherd-Poodle is owned by Tiffany Ngo. According to Tiffany, people often tell her that her dog’s eyes make him look wise. He also has a very expressive face, which effectively displays Nori’s emotions.

Tiffany and Kevin Hurless (Tiffany’s boyfriend) adopted Nori in 2018. They said that they both fell in love with his sweet and charming personality and, of course, his adorable, human-like face.

humanoid face on a dog
who, Me?


human like face on a pup
do you think I look like a human?


pup looks like a human
Nori, human-looking pup

It was mentioned that Nori looked more human-like when he was younger. Tiffany and Kevin knew that Nori has unique features, but they never imagined that their beloved pet would receive so very much attention from other people.

Tiffany even shared that some people even come up to them, asking to take a closer look at Nori’s face. He was really such an adorable pup.

When Nori got older, his face changed, but there is no doubt that he still has human-like features. Tiffany amusingly shared some funny stories about other people’s comments about Nori.

Tiffany overheard someone who said that Nori looks like Fizzgig, a character from the film The Dark Crystal. Another one mentioned that Nori looks like Garth of Wayne’s World. Others even assumed that Nori’s fur was styled and highlighted, but that is absolutely not the case. Tiffany just found these comments funny and very amusing.

Despite his appearance, Nori is just like any other dog. He is playful, and he loves being around people. Nori also loves spending time with his dog brother, Boba. Sometimes, he watches sports on TV with his dad, Kevin.

Tiffany commented on how just how much dogs really bring joy to people’s lives. Nori is proof of that. She also mentioned that she hopes that Nori and Boba can brighten up someone’s day whether in person or in this story.

Be sure to share in the comment section if Nori and Boba have brightened your day. Does Nori remind you of anyone?

Thank you to norichiban for sharing these lovely photos.

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