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Mikey is a Great Dane and he loves to help his human “parents”, especially when it comes to bringing in the groceries. He gets very excited when allowed to carry objects into the house. Mikey’s neighbors all know that this Great Dane is his “Parents” helper.

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In this video, you will see a very excited Great Dane named Mikey. He is eagerly standing a few feet from a van. Then, he starts to walk towards the van and starts to peek inside the vehicle.

Why Is Mikey So Excited?

Before the video was shot, Mikey’s “mom” went out to pick up a few grocery items they needed. It looks like Mikey knows where she has been and so he is excited to help out. This Great Dane is his “Parents” helper because he loves to carry groceries into the house.

When his human “mom” starts to unload the groceries, you can see Mikey becoming even more excited. He starts jumping up and down and cannot wait for her to give him something from the groceries so that he can take it inside the house.

She takes a moment to decide what to give Mikey to take into the house. In the end, she selects a cucumber, which Mikey carefully takes in between his teeth. He then runs towards the house, eager to carry the cucumber inside.

(I must say that I would not want to eat a salad for dinner at their house that night. Just sayin’.)

When Mikey reaches the house, he realizes that the door is still closed. Obviously, he cannot open it by himself. That is why he has to patiently wait for someone to come and open it for him. When the door is finally open, Mikey hurriedly trots inside and places the cucumber right on the floor.

Mikey’s “mom” is quite obviously proud of her dog. She gives Mikey a lot of praise for his actions. He appears to be as pleased with himself. as she is.

Mikey wants to do more, so he goes back out to the van with his “mom} following right behind him. He is then given a box of spaghetti. Once again, Mikey takes carries the grocery item given to him and carries it inside the house.



Source: Rumble Viral

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