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A woman from Santa Rosa, California was forced to leave her home after a wildfire started near where she lived. But what was extraordinary was the fact that she refused to leave her dog behind. When a woman and her dog pedal to safety, people take notice.

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The Danger

Natasha Wallace was on her way home from college when she noticed flames far ahead. She knew she had to save herself, but she wanted to get back home to her dog, Bentley, a 2-year-old Pit Bull. She wanted to keep him from danger.

When she reached her home, she immediately grabbed Bentley and loaded him to her car. Unfortunately, they were trapped. Traffic was heavy and they could not move ahead. Wallace knew she had to act quickly or the flames would trap them. So, she made the brave decision to do whatever it took to save Bentley.

The Great Escape; A Woman and Her Dog Pedal to Safety

Rapidly running back home, she took her bike – as it was the only mode of transportation that could possibly take them to safety. However, it would mean she had to travel carrying Bentley. Bentley weighs around 70 pounds

Although the act of biking out of a fire zone alone was a challenging one, it was made much more difficult by carrying 70 lb Bentley. Nevertheless, Wallace refused to leave her best friend behind.

She told her dog to get into a large duffel bag – which he obediently did. Wallace added that Bentley seemed to understand the dangerous situation they were in. Amazingly, he hopped right into the bag without even a whimper.

Wallace biked for several miles before the pair was pulled over by a man in a pickup truck who, thankfully, offered them a ride. Wallace and Bentley were finally safe. To learn about the story, watch the full story below.

I can only imagine the difficulty the young woman faced to save herself and her beloved four-legged friend, but she persevered. Bentley’s life was saved – thanks to Wallace’s determination and love for her best friend.

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