Many dogs of various breeds
Run free, Fur Babies, Run Free

Dogs love to be free to run and play outside, especially with other dogs. There is not much that dogs like better than the freedom to romp without restriction.

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These dogs are very fortunate to live inside this British Columbia Sanctuary in Canada. The inhabitants are blessed with a 4-acre enclosed area where they run at will without risk of getting lost.

What Kind of Dogs Live In This Sanctuary ?

There are 45 dogs and one Grey Wolf residing in the Sanctuary. The focus of this R & R (rescue and rehabilitation) facility is on canines who have lived outside in the elements for a long time.

In general, dogs who are tied, penned or chained for lengthy periods of time are no longer healthy. Most of them have not been socialized.

Often, these dogs are traumatized from either emotional or physical abuse. This lack of positive human (or even other animal) interactions caused them to be frightened and withdrawn.

The owners of the Sanctuary are dedicated to teaching these animals to do more than merely exist. It is their mission to help each of them begin to actually live.

Their favorite experience is taking what I call the “Freedom Run.” Initially, they are unsure what to do when given total freedom to run over the 4-acre “Playpen”.

It doesn’t take long before they react with total inhibition and run wildly across the acreage. Clearly, they release a lot of pent-up energy they have stored for years.

Video Captures The First Time The Dogs Are Free To Run

This video reveals the exuberant joy of the dogs as they experience their first “Freedom Run” across the 4-acre playpen created just for them. This is one of the most thrilling days of their lives. Freedom and fresh air without restriction is totally new to them.

Watching this video will at least put a smile on your face and you may laugh out loud. It is a known fact that people who have a dog in their family laugh more often than those who do not. Why do you think this is the case?

What Is It About This Video That Makes Us Happy?

The 45 dogs (and one Grey Wolf) run wild and explore the new area with amazing levels of energy. They are expending loads of energy in a safe environment without risk of injury.  How many different breeds do you recognize?

The variety of breeds seen here indicates that the freedom to run is important to all dogs. For example, Greyhounds run at high speeds. They can run as fast as 45 MPH in spite of being naturally lazy dogs.

Two Greyhousnds racing in the track
Greyounds Free To Run

Did you see a couple of St. Bernards as well? They are usually more laid back than many other breeds but are seen moving pretty fast in this video.

St. Bernard Lying Down
St. Bernard Is Free to Run Bur Prefers to Rest RIght Now

If you are a dog lover, be sure to share this video with your dog-loving friends. Make their day and put a smile on their faces. We would love to hear a story about your fur baby so please share your favorite funny story with us.

Here is another funny video for your entertainment.

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