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Little girl and her best furry friend

Clearly, this little girl loves huge dogs like siblings. But, having huge dogs at home can be a little worrisome, especially if you have a kid that’s much smaller than your fur babies.

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Watching this video below may change your perspective, though. Just looking at Sierra, the little girl, having the greatest of fun with her huge dog will definitely warm your heart and make you smile.

See The Video of Bella and Sebastian and Learn Why This Little Girl Loves Huge Dogs

Little girl tries teaching her giant Newfie how to hula hoop

The wonders of having huge dogs

Depending on the lifestyle that you may have, you can adopt any size of dog. Having bigger breeds is often thought to be way cooler, though. Such a claim may be attributed to what these gentle giants often embody and present.

One of the main reasons, is that owning a big dog offers a degree of protection, even if only by perception. Giant breeds often intimidate unscrupulous people from planning anything against you or your property. Also, everyone seems to love the comparison between their size and their gentleness.

Dogs are kids’ best friends, too

The child and dog presented in this clip are pretty clearly best friends, at least. As seen in this video, the gentle and sweet giant is like a big brother or sister to the little girl. Their response to her is touching.

The little girl, on the other hand, makes sure that her furry sib is given plenty of attention. Treats are just bonuses to their loving interactions. So, even with his size, this giant poses no harm to Sierra.

Life with huge dogs

Huge dogs may be intimidating to those who are not known to them. But, to little kids who grow up with them, they are much like brothers and sisters. Whether living in apartments, estates, or condos, these huge dogs can fit right into the family with children.

They surely make a remarkable impression. They warm your heart and make you feel especially safe in their presence.

While small dogs can offer wonderful qualities as well, they tend to be little cuties that everyone wants to hold and take care of as compared to huge dogs. We are more likely to feel like the big dogs will take care of us and that we take care of the little ones.

Our Emma taking care of her little dog, Bella.

Our Emma with her beloved Drago.


a small girl and large canine companion

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