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If you are a dog-loving person, there is no more fitting way to spend your life than taking good care of dogs. This is for what Sharon Oiler is best known. Living in Houston, Texas, for half her life, Oiler has worked for several industries, including information technology, business, and education. But, this mom has fostered more than 500 dogs during this same time.

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What Oiler finds most exciting and heartwarming is fostering puppies that await adoption. In her 15 years as a foster mom, Oiler has fostered over 500 rescue pups.

Oiler is now working with Rescued Pets Movement, a non-profit organization, as a dog advocate. The organization’s goals are the rehabilitation of homeless dogs as well as transporting and rescuing abused dogs from a hostile place to a loving environment.

According to Oiler, being a foster parent is by far the most challenging work she has done. She shared that it becomes close to unbearable when the dog she is fostering is ready to leave her custody. Their leaving, although best for the pup, breaks her heart because of the rapport she has built with the dog.

But, since Oiler is no longer new to this business, she has learned how to cope with it. She knows from the start that she is just a foster parent.

As a foster parent, she should not allow herself to become so attached that she cannot let him go. If she cannot control her feelings, the dog may develop separation anxiety.

Oiler also said that, while being a foster parent is challenging, the experience of fostering dogs make her a complete person. She cannot imagine not having foster dogs in her life.

These fostered dogs have been a source of happiness and light inside her home. But more than this, these fostered dogs give her unconditional love and affection.

Oiler has no plans of slowing down in serving as a foster parent. She said that as long as her body permits, she will continue with this advocacy.

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