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Have you seen a dog with natural eyebrows? An unusual-looking dog is walking around the streets of Bratsk in Russia with arched eyebrows as its prominent feature. Those eyebrows are 100% natural. This stray dog’s unique fur pattern is just natural eyebrows.

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The dog’s extraordinary feature is something you don’t get to see every day. Anyone who sees its eyebrows will wonder whether or not they are the real thing.

Unless you take a closer look at the dog, you will perceive them to be fake eyebrows. What are the chances that this dog’s unique fur pattern is just natural eyebrows?

Is This a Joke or Are The Eyebrows Real?

At first glance, they look as though some people pulled a nasty prank on the dog by drawing eyebrows with a highlighter. However, if you take the time to check the dog’s furry eye features, you will see that the supposed painted eyebrows are natural.

Volunteers took a picture of the cute dog and uploaded it. The dog’s unique facial feature gained plenty of attention from Internet users. This dog’s thick eyebrows made her an instant internet sensation.

This reminds me of when Brooke Shields was initially such a popular teen actress. People questioned the naturalness of her eyebrows as well. Thick eyebrows became quite popular as girls and women tried to emulate the lovely young actress.

brooke shields, on ship, 1986
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The Moment of Truth

The dog was taken to the Dobriye Ruki animal shelter so the vet could determine whether or not its unique feature is real. It turns out that the pair of perfectly shaped eyebrows were not drawn or painted.

The vet confirmed that the strange fur pattern is due to the dog’s Husky heritage. The dog only stayed for a few days in the shelter as a woman named Oksana immediately adopted her.

Oksana named the dog Frida, taken from the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo. She was known for her striking eyebrows, a physical attribute that the dog also possesses.

Oksana was happy to adopt Frida. She taught Frida a few tricks and she is now following two basic commands: come here and sit. She also bought a lot of toys with which Frida loves to play. Oksana is happy to own what she thinks is the coolest dog ever.

Here’s a cute video of Frida::

Video Source: Viral Press via Youtube

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