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We’ve all heard about the comfort that security blankets provide to children. At times of uncertainty, or when it is time to go to bed, they feel better when they have something to hold on to before going to for comfort. This puppy gets a toy from his collection before bed each night.

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It isn’t just kids. Even some adults have a strong attachment to certain pieces of clothing or stuffed animals kept from their childhood.

They just won’t let go of these cherished items, no matter how old, dirty or torn they become.

This seems to be the case with Bentley, an adorable Goldendoodle, who keeps on bringing different toys to his owners’ bedroom when it’s time to sleep.

Apparently, they allow Bentley to stay with them, but he rarely goes to bed without an item for comfort. This puppy gets a toy from his collection before bed each night.

When and how it all began…

This habit started right after the puppy moved into his current home. He came with a blanket and a stuffed dog, which still kept the scent of his mom and siblings.

This is a great comfort to young puppies away from their mom for the first time. But, even as the comforting fragrance disappeared, Bentley used his old toys as a way to relax and remember his origins.

Over time, his original toys have since been replaced. Now, his collection is comprised of several newer stuffed animals, bones, bandanas, and borrowed pillows from his owners’ living room.

These are just a few of the items Bentley drags to bed to feel for comfort.

Stranger yet…

According to his human “parents”, Bentley not only uses toys for bedtime, but he also loves having company when it’s time to pee or poo.

It’s worth mentioning that Bentley doesn’t like to leave a mess when he wakes up each morning. The thoughtful pup nearly always takes his night time comfort toys back downstairs each morning.

He puts them right back to where they had been the night before when he picked them up. More than a few children could learn a lesson from our canine friend.

Another amazing fact is that Bentley loves variety. He usually spends around a week with a bed toy before he replaces it with a new one.

This only goes to show that humans aren’t the only living creatures who get bored with their daily routine from time to time. The desire for variety is not limited to humans. We have a lot in common with our best friends.

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Source, Bentley on Instagram.



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