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Tricks hard to teach dogs will be highlighted in this article. There is no denying the fact that when a dog is capable of performing awesome tricks, he becomes the center of attention.

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Sometimes, with these tricks, he can entertain guests and family members who enjoy watching him perform.

Dogs like to please their owners and showcasing the many tricks he has learned gives him the opportunity to “wow” his owner. However, tricks that are elaborate and breathtaking are very hard to teach.

Sometimes, only a professional dog trainer can pull it off. Here is a list of tricks that includes a few that are considered hard to teach by a typical dog owner.

This does not mean that you should not try to teach them all. Just be aware that some tricks take more patience and time to teach the average dog.

Even tricks hard to teach dogs can be mastered by most dogs. If you want instructions on how to teach tricks to your dog, you will find a link at the bottom of the page.

Follow the link to an article that details 7 tricks your dog can master. These specific tricks have the added benefit of allowing you to improve your dog’s skills in many ways.

Shake Hands or Giving High Five

This is usually one of the first and easiest tricks to teach your dog. Teaching your dog to shake hands helps to keep him from jumping up on you or your guests.

A more modern version of this very traditional trick is “giving a High Five”.


Dogs bark. But teaching him how to do it on your mark is often challenging.

Sometimes your dog’s reaction would be to go into a full-ballistic bark fest or, alternatively,  a defiant and silent stare back at you.


Often taught right after “speak”, this is especially helpful if you have a very vocal dog.


This command is often confusing to the dog when it is coupled with the stay command. The difference between the two commands is a brief period of time and usually measured in seconds.

This takes a lot of patience on the part of both the dog and the owner but is not particularly hard to teach.

It is good to help the dog learn to focus and maintain control during training and everyday life. This trick well taught may someday save the life of your dog or a lucky cat or squirrel.

A dog that will obey this command rather than chase after a car or a small animal is well trained. A dog that learns to be calm and to wait for a command is ready to learn more complicated tricks.


A dog only crawls when it is necessary. For example, his favorite toy got stuck under a piece of furniture, no doubt he’ll crawl.

But, when you teach a dog to crawl for long periods without him seeing the purpose, he’ll only break the routine off.

Sit pretty

Before teaching your dog to pull this trick off, make sure he is healthy. Check if there is anything that could cause pain especially on his back when he executes this trick.

This is quite strenuous on the back as it requires the dog to sit in a position that is not common and is uncomfortable for them if sitting this way for long.

dog, golden retriever, puppy
Puppy Learns to Sit


You may think that this trick is easy to pull off and that is no trouble to teach to a dog. However, if you own a dog of one of the following breeds: Jack Russell Terrier, Rottweiler, Afghan Hound or Shar-Pei, their stubbornness might get in the way.

Obviously, dogs bred to retrieve items are easier to train to do this trick on command or in conjunction with other tricks. This trick really stands out if you have taught him to fetch a specific toy of his.

When he responds to your command to fetch “your teddy bear” he will get lots of ooohs and ahhhs.

animals, dogs, domesticated

Stand tall

They might say that you can still teach old dogs new tricks but this would be the major exception. The fragile body of a senior dog could not possibly support the position required of a dog to execute this trick.

It is ideal to be taught to younger ones as it strengthens muscles and develops stamina. This is limited to only the fittest and most physically capable of dogs.


Dancing Is One of The Tricks Hard to Teach Dogs

Social media are flooded with pets such as cats and dogs dancing; but, if you look closely into those videos you will see that this trick is common only to small breed dogs.

Patience and motivation are needed for this trick to be successful. Also, teaching this trick is a challenge when a dog is clinically overweight.

This is because a dog’s hind end cannot support the movements associated with a dance. This is a complicated trick and taught is several, individual components.

Usually, each of the ten steps included is able to stand alone and then they are put together to make it look like a dance.

dog, white, pet

Pick up garbage, etc.

At first, this will create confusion for the dog. Instinctively, he will eat garbage (most dogs do) instead of picking it up and throwing it into the garbage can.

If you want your dog to be productive, you will have to commit to reinforcing his good behavior and stopping him from eating it.

Determination, patience, firm reinforcements and lots of timely treats are needed.

Service dogs are often taught to pick up items besides garbage as well as to open and close doors. Some place dirty clothes into the hamper and fetch the tv, telephone or keys.

Some even help humans with balance. Others are trained to open and close doors.

swimmer, handicapped, service dog

Here is the link I promised earlier in the article:


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