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We all know that old saying that starts with, “It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight.” Usually, this is used to motivate people who are deemed as underdogs in sports or whatever challenge they may be facing. But sometimes, it is true that what matters most is the “size of the fight in the dog.” This story is how 3 little dogs scare off a big bear!

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Only Little On the Outside

It may not guarantee victory, but if ever the underdog loses his or her battle, at least they may be winning the hearts of those who have witnessed their courage. However, in this viral video, the size of the fight in these small and cute dogs was enough to best their adversary, and boy was it glorious to watch.



Bears have been a problem in the neighborhoods in Pasadena, California. They tend to encroach on human properties in search of food. We can’t really think badly of them because they are only looking for food which they need to survive. But despite that, bears are wild animals that could potentially bring harm to humans.

A You-tuber by the name of Deedee Mueller has been posting videos of bears intruding on her property. She is hoping to raise awareness in her community and wishes to receive help from the authorities about this problem. However, one video she uploaded stood out from the rest, and it involved three of her cute dogs. It shows how her little dogs scare off a big bear.


Though They Be Tiny, They Be Fierce!

One thing the bears didn’t account for is the fact that humans sometimes have dogs. Many times, these dogs will protect their humans even if it costs them their lives. This a fact that this big bear learned the hard way. It entered Deedee’s backyard in search of a meal, but all it found was trouble.

The dogs were heard barking and seen running around the backyard, chasing after something that was hidden behind the bushes. Later on, a big brown bear climbed over the fence in an effort to escape the menacing pups. No animals got hurt in the encounter and, hopefully, that served as a lesson to that bear to never come back to their yard.

Credits: USA TODAY

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