Mookie is a sweet, three-legged Saint Dane. This is a cross between a Saint Bernard and a Great Dane. She’s an active dog who loves to go on adventures with her human mom, Mercedes Pimentel, and her brother, Roofus. Her absolute favorite trip is to the beach. The huge and happy dog defies odds against having an active life on a daily basis.

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“There’s just this different, hyperactive behavior that you get from her when we go to the beach,” said Mercedes. “She just thrived there.”

The First Hint Of A Significant Problem for the Happy Dog Who Defies Odds

During a cross-country trip, however, Mercedes noticed that Mookie was limping. She thought it was only because the massive pup got sore from the long car ride. But, because the limping continued for a couple of weeks, Mercedes decided to have Mooki checked out by the vet.

After a thorough examination, the vet delivered the bad news. Mookie had osteosarcoma, and the only way to beat cancer was to amputate her leg. It came down to her leg or her life.

Mercedes was devastated. Mookie meant so much to her, but she didn’t know how she’d be able to afford the surgery. Thankfully, a lot of people stepped up. They even formed a support group on Instagram.

Fantastic, Dog Loving Folks Came Through With Funds to Save Her Life!

In no time, enough funds were raised, and Mookie was able to have the surgery performed. Although for another reason now, Mercedes still felt helpless. For a few days after the operation, Mookie would wake up at night several times. Her mom could do nothing but hold her or lie in bed with her to calm her down.


A few more days passed, and Mookie was back on her feet. But while she managed to stand and walk on her own, Mercedes knew the pup was missing something.

Two months later, Mookie was back at her favorite place. The moment she heard the water and smelled the breeze, she got all excited. She leaped and bound all over the shore.

“She needed that trip to the beach, it made her very, very happy,” said Mercedes. “To see her strength throughout this whole thing, gives me strength, too. It’s very inspiring.”

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Credits to Mercedes Pimentel via Instagram@thebiggmook

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