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Little children can get scared by the loud noises that a running vacuum can make. Often, the sound can be too much for their delicate ears. They do not know what it does, and the sound can be pretty scary. The video entitled, Little Girl Afraid Of Vacuum Is Comforted By Her Dog, demonstrates this clearly.

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No wonder a little girl fearful of vacuums ran for comfort. But, to whom she ran is very interesting indeed. Wait until you see the hero of this story!

What you will see in the video Little Girl Afraid Of Vaccum

In this video, you will see how a little girl was terrified of the vacuum when it was used in their home. Clearly, she was okay when the vacuum was turned off. But, the moment it was turned on, her fear was easy for anyone to see.

One member of the family is a Husky. The dog’s ears are very sensitive. However, when the vacuum was turned on, the dog didn’t seem to care.

Perhaps, the Husky was already used to the noise. Or, maybe the pitch of the vacuum was not high enough to hurt his ears. Whatever the reason, he stayed calm and was able to comfort the frightened child.

Intuitively, the little girl knew that the best way to feel safe would be to hug their dog. She clung to the Husky for the comfort that she craved. She hugged the dog tightly and appeared to receive the comfort needed from her furry companion.

What is the meaning of the video, Little Girl Afraid Of Vacuum Is Comforted By Her Dog?

Obviously, the vacuum caused a lot of uncomfortable feelings in the little girl. But, thanks to the Husky, she felt better than if she were alone. The little girl loves and trusts their dog completely. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be running to the Husky for comfort and a lot of furry hugs.

The dog and the child have a bond that cannot be broken – not even by that loud and noisy vacuum. In fact, instead of bringing them apart, the loud vacuum brought the girl and her dog together. And, it made their bond even stronger. Not everyone is blessed to have a dog from which to draw comfort. Hopefully, you are!

Little girls often feel as though their furry friends are more like a sibling than a pet. Here is one such story: https://excellentdogsclub.com/little-girl-loves-huge-dogs-like-a-sibling/


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