dog in super dog outfit
Justice is a Super Dog

A dog named Justice needs your help. He needs for you to do your part. Will you help him to see justice served to the evil creatures who tortured him? Most importantly, this is a call for justice to be served.

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Why Is A Call For Justice Needed?

Initially, this poor animal was wandering on the Shelby County streets of Indiana when he was rescued. Chemical burns covered much of his body.

The local authorities are seeking the help of the public. Can you help them to catch and prosecute the low-life individuals cruel enough to chemically burn this innocent animal?

Be aware that a few of these photos are quite graphic and may be upsetting. Since so-called humans caused the pain this poor dog endured then humans need to know what was done to him. Surely, someone will respond to a call for Justice.

Someone knows something that can lead to the arrest of those responsible for this animal’s pain and suffering. Are you that someone?


bloody pit bull with chemical burns
early treatment for abused dog


The Treatment


Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter took Justice to the Indy Vet Emergency and Specialty Hospital. Someone had severely burned the poor dog. with chemicals.

Subsequently, the chemicals actually caused the dog’s skin to fall off his body. All of the remaining necrotic (dead) tissue was carefully and gently debrided (removed).

The staff took photos of Justice during the various stages of his treatment. Ultimately, they posted these photos on their Facebook page. ugly healing of chemical burns

Sadly, there was no way to identify Justice. He was not wearing tags and did not have a microchip. Currently, the local police continue to seek information from the community.

Unfortunately, Justice’s fight has only just begun. Sadly, the healing process from this severe degree of abuse takes quite a while.

chemically nurned dog in healing process


The Shelbyville/Shelby County Animal Shelter recently updated its Facebook page. The faithful Vet Technicians caring for Justice at Indy Vet admit that they have to be creative with his bandages.

To sum it up, after the horrific torture that this incredibly sweet Pit Bull endured at the hands of his less-than-human owner, he IS “Super Dog!”

dog in super dog outfit
Justice is a Super Dog

Reward Offered

In short, if you have any information that may be of help, please is contact the authorities. The authorities have posted a reward of $10,000.

In conclusion, you may Email tips to Alternatively, you can telephone the shelter at 317-392-5127 between the hours of 10:00 to 1:00 on Saturday and 9:00 to 5:00 weekdays


Special Thanks to our colleagues for sharing this story.

Animal News:

Together, we seek Justice for this innocent dog who cannot speak for himself.

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