The holiday season is about spending memorable moments with loved ones. But if one of your loved ones goes missing, the holiday season could turn all cold and grey. That is true, even if this particular loved one happens to be a four-legged creature. When this stolen dog made it home in time for the holidays, it was like a Christmas miracle.

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Cassandra lost her dog, Zeus, back in October. Her house was robbed by a friend and took the dog alongside other important belongings. The robbery, the betrayal, and the loss of her beloved dog made Cassandra apprehensive about the upcoming holiday season.

She thought there was no way for her holidays to be merry. But miracles do happen.

Cassandra’s “friend” was discovered in West Virginia, some 2000 miles from her residence. The robber still had Zeus. Cassandra had to figure out how to get Zeus back home in time for the holidays.

How The “Miracle” Came About

Zeus weighed 73 pounds. Flying him via a commercial airline was out of the question. These companies follow stringent rules that would surely prolong Zeus’ return.

Thankfully good Samaritans came into the picture. Two organizations decided to help out Cassandra. They are the Kanawha Charleston Humane Association and the Many Paws Volunteer Transport.

More than 12 volunteers chipped in driving hours to take Zeus back home. The 2,000-mile journey took three sleepovers. Zeus arrived home just in time for the holidays.

Home In Time For The Holidays

Zeus’ journey was documented on social media. The spirit of volunteerism that made the feat possible has inspired many people. Zeus’ volunteer drivers and carers took photos with the dog, which made the whole story even more special.

This story teaches us that there’s nothing impossible for people working together to achieve a shared goal. Even a stranded dog from miles away could find his way home because enough people decided to take an active role in Zeus’ journey.

Now Zeus is back with Cassandra. They had an awesome holiday season together.

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