An abused dog gets a great home thanks to a known rescuer in Greece. Takis has rescued hundreds, if not thousands of dogs. He has helped them find families in different parts of the world.

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How It All Started and How An Abused Dog Gets A Great Home

One day, Takis saw a man in the vet clinic trying to abandon his sick dog there. This man was into hunting. This means that the abused and ill dog had been helping him during his hunts.

Takis was concerned about the scared dog and asked about her. The man no longer had any use for the dog because she was sick.  She no longer could help him in any way. So, the man wanted to put the dog down.

Takis couldn’t bear the thought of this sweet dog being euthanized instead of being treated. Because of his love for dogs, he reasoned with the hunter. He asked him if he could take the dog instead of having her put down. The man couldn’t believe that Takis still wanted her even after learning that she was sick.

A Change of Name And A Change of Circumstances

The man gave the dog to Takis who then named the dog Moira. This beautiful name means destiny in Greek. Takis’ mission was to make Moira better. He also vowed to give her the kind of life that she deserves.

Takis could tell that Moira had been severely neglected and abused by her previous owner. The moment he got her, Takis immediately started working on Moira’s healing.

Even when Moira was out of harm’s way, she was still terrified of people. She was initially too terrified to comfortably accept the treats Takis gave her. It took a while for her to begin to trust humans again.

It changed after a few weeks of living with Takis and his dogs. Moira was showered with so much love and care that she began to blossom. He could see her getting better day by day.

A few weeks later, Takis took Moira back to the vet for her general check-up. Her previous owner was there as well. The hunter couldn’t believe his own eyes. He was shocked to learn that this beautiful and healthy-looking dog was the one he had given away.

When he saw how much better she looked, he wanted to take her back. The hunter asked Takis to return her to him. Rightfully, Takis firmly replied, “NO!”

He knew that the moment he gave Moira back, she would be abused and neglected again. Moira would only be used to help the man hunt. She would never receive the love that she deserves.

After years of being with the abusive hunter, Moira is finally happy. Takis will never let Moira be unhappy again.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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