Veronica fostered a lot of dogs that the local shelter had rescued. She had taken care of a lot of dogs before. However, Sage, a five-month-old puppy, was the hardest to tell goodbye. Thanks to Veronica, the once tick covered pup is now happy and healthy. Sage was ready for a new and forever home!

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Saving Sage

Sage was brought to the shelter as a stray. The dog’s ribs were obvious. She was covered in ticks and had patches of missing fur.

It was evident that the dog was scared. The only time Sage would come near a person is if she was given food. However, she did immediately back away afterward.

Sage was also afraid to go back outside. It was challenging to get Sage to even move from one room to another. The poor dog didn’t want to walk through any doors!

Veronica had fostered a lot of rescued pups and had seen a lot of sad cases. Still, it broke her heart to see Sage’s condition, both physically and emotionally.

Sage wanted to trust her new foster mom. Veronica could tell by the way the dog would wag her tail when given a treat.

Veronica gave the dog medicated baths every two to three days. She took good care of Sage and that made her healing process move along quickly. If you are interested in tick removal and prevention, here is an article you might like to read.

It only took a week before Sage’s wounds were fully healed. The dog became more sweet and affectionate. She would always come to snuggle. and the look in her eyes was more trusting.

The once tick covered pup is now happy and healthy.

Sage was then introduced to Riot and the other dogs that Veronica was also fostering at the time.  They all got along very well in no time.

Every time Veronica brought home a new dog to foster, they would always get close to Riot. As usual with a new dog, Riot took Sage under his care. Whatever he did, Sage also did. Riot helped Sage evolve into a goofy, playful puppy.

When Sage was confident enough to run around and play with other dogs, Veronica decided that she was ready for adoption. It was a sad day for Veronica, but she knew Sage deserved a family of her own.

Forever home

Sage was adopted by a wonderful man named Brandon. They got along instantly, and Brandon treated the dog like a princess. Although¬†Brandon loved the dog, he didn’t like the name Sage so much. He decided that she looked more like a Marley.

Marley enjoyed playing with Brandon and his girlfriend. They would run around their backyard and play with the hose. She was also content to just stay inside and cuddle while they watched a movie.

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Source: The Dodo via Youtube

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