Basically, dogs of any breed deserve to be loved and cared for by humans. Still, it was surprising to hear about an abused pit bull visited by police officers. Furthermore, they were the same officers who rescued her.

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Unfortunately, there are dog breeds that some people think are all vicious animals. Sadly, people can train these dogs to be dangerous. Ultimately, it is up to the human owners.

Initially, these dogs are born to be as gentle as any other breed. And, although aggressiveness can be taught, it can also be discouraged. Also, humans can encourage them to be gentle as well.

Unsurprisingly, one of the dog breeds which scares most people is the pit bull. Obviously, Pit Bulls are not small dogs.

Dogs of this breed have a muscular body and powerful jaws. Also, they have been bred to have a stubborn streak. They do not give up easily.

Often, Pit Bulls are trained for dog fights. Dogfighting is an ugly and illegal activity.  All across the United States, authorities are trying to stop this inhumane act.

Pit Bull Visited By Police Officers

Here is the link to a story about the rescue of a pit bull from a dogfighting ring.

As previously mentioned, pit bulls can also be sweet and gentle dogs. Harley was one of the sweetest and most loving dogs you could ever hope to meet. He was the dog that 2 of our grandchildren loved like a brother.

Sadly, his life was ended by a man with an unreasonable fear of the breed. Further, there was no provocation or warning. Harley’s story can be found via this link.

Back to Our Story About Jamie

New York City police officers. rescued Jamie, a 4-year-old Pit Bull. Her owners kept her isolated in a basement in Brooklyn. Sadly, Jamie’s condition was terrible when she was rescued.

Jamie was extremely emaciated and covered with urine and feces. Additionally, she was in pain. Her toenails were so long that they made walking and standing a painful experience.

Her over-all physical condition was so bad that she needed immediate help. Consequently, they took Jamie to the ASPCA animal hospital for treatment and recovery. (ASPCA stands for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals).

They took Jamie to the CARE after she recovered from the physical abuse. While there, she received training and rehabilitation. (CARE stands for Canine Annex for Recovery and Enrichment.)

CARE specializes in handling animal cruelty victims like Jamie. They do their best to help rescued animals regain their trust in humans. This is not always an easy task.

Phase Two of Jamie’s Recovery

After six months in the shelter, Jamie was doing fine. However, the staff at the shelter knew that the environment limited recovery for some dogs.

They wanted to take her to the next level of recovery. So, they needed to know more about her true personality.

At that time, the police officers who rescued Jamie had a  great idea. They suggested taking her out of the shelter for a full day of fun! The kind officers fed her pup-cakes and took her to the dog park.

They learned a lot about Jamie on this day of fun. First of all, she likes meeting new people. Further, Jamie loves belly rubs and is curious about the things around her.

ASPCA and the NYPD work hand-in-hand against animal cruelty.  They rescue abused dogs from many circumstances. Then, they give them proper care. Finally, they do their best to find them a forever home.

Learn more about Jamie in this video.

Here is the link to a story about a pit bull rescued from a dogfighting ring.



Video courtesy of ASPCA via YouTube

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