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This owner almost has a heart attack thinking his pup is dead! Can you blame him? Most dog owners are guilty of treating their fur babies as if they were their children. I have been guilty of it, and I’m sure you have as well.

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Can you imagine how you would react if you walked into a room and found your dog lifeless and covered in what appeared to be blood? What would be your first thoughts?

We do all that we can to provide for their needs. We are even willing to for an extra hour or two to buy the things they need. The last thing we want is to see them in pain. That’s why we go above and beyond to keep them safe.

That bloody dragon fruit juice

When the Corgi’s owner saw him lying on the floor, drenched in red liquid, he almost had a heart attack. Thinking the pup was dead, he rushed to the Corgi to check for a pulse.

He wondered if there were any broken bones or open wounds. Bending down to take a closer look at Gody’s “lifeless” body, he realized that the sticky red liquid was not blood. It was dragon fruit juice.

Apparently, Gody wolfed down a dragon fruit he saw lying on the floor. He had so much fun eating it that his body was covered in the remains of the fruit.

Gody was so tired after eating all that fruit. Consequently, he ended up lying on the floor. This may have been due to a sugar overload!

Gody’s owner eventually found the humor in the situation. That is when he decided to take photos of the terrifying sight and upload them online.

A lot of people did double-takes because they thought the Corgi was dead! The owner quickly calmed everyone down by sharing the details of what really happened with everyone.

The fruit-loving Corgi

The Corgi’s owner went on to share that two-month-old Gody really loves to eat fruit. He also loves sleeping for hours and rolling in the mud.

The adorable pup is still in training. But, according to his owner, his favorite trick so far is  to “play dead.” Well, I guess that explains something that baffled many who saw the photos.

They wondered why he didn’t move a muscle while his owner took a closer look at the dragon fruit situation. This is one smart puppy even if he is a bit mischievous.

If you are interested in reading a little more on how high Corgis rank on the world’s smartest breed list, check out this article on a sister site.


Credits to Candy The Corgi Official

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