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Sad-Eyed Puppy

In this story, a vacationing couple adopts a stray puppy and brings it home to the USA. Sadly, many dogs are abandoned worldwide. Unfortunately, this happens much too often today. However, stray dogs in the US are luckier than in many countries.

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This is because there are a number of active animal rescue organizations here. These organizations are dedicated to helping abandoned dogs get needed medical treatment and also to find loving, forever homes. Abandoned dogs in the less affluent countries aren’t usually as fortunate.

A Vacationing Couple Adopts A Stray Puppy While In Another Country, But How?

Brian Fair and Victoria Martinez were on vacation in Puerto Rico when they came across a small puppy in a wooded area. The poor little fellow seemed to have been abandoned.

Brian first noticed the pup when he saw movement in the bushes. He quickly went closer to investigate and found a tiny puppy. Several family members were accompanying the couple on this trip. Brian asked if any of them could find a towel for use in rescuing the puppy.

The small puppy was a little dirty, but otherwise, appeared to be in good health. Wagging his tail as Brian carried him, the pup indicated how happy he was to be found. He seemed to enjoy all the attention he was getting.

Brian named the little dog, Taino, and took him to his grandmother’s house. Brian and Victoria waited to see if anyone claimed little Taino. Sadly, no one came forward to say that Taino was their dog.

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The Couple Fell In Love With Taino

During the rest of their holiday, Taino stayed with Brian’s relatives in Puerto Rico. Brian played with Taino every day and they became quite attached to one another. It didn’t take long for Brian and Victoria to fall in love with little Taino.

Towards the end of their vacation, Brian and Victoria knew that they couldn’t leave Taino behind. It was quickly approaching the time for them to go home to the US.

They Researched What Would Be Required To Take Taino Home With Them

Brian and Victoria started to research about bringing Taino back to the US. They found out that all dogs from Puerto Rico are required to be in a thirty-day quarantine before they can enter the United States. An appointment was made for Taino to have an overall medical check-up. Taino had to be vet certified as healthy if the couple wished to take their new little furry friend to his forever home in the United States.

Officially, A Vacationing Couple Adopts A Stray Puppy But That Is Not The End Of This Story

Taino was medically cleared and, after the thirty-day quarantine period, flew back home with his new parents. However, Taino’s story didn’t end there.

Shortly after being brought to the US, Brian and Victoria noticed that Taino was limping. When Brian felt Taino’s leg, he felt a lump that shouldn’t be there. The limp got worse, and they had to take Taino to the vet to get checked.

The veterinarian at the animal hospital recommended surgical removal of the lump. Although the operation was a complicated one, it was a success. When Taino came out from the recovery room, all he wanted was to be with his parents.

Taino is a lucky dog to have such amazing parents. But, this luck is a two-way street. For Brian and Victoria, Taino completes their home. They’re very grateful that Taino is part of their small family. Here’s a heartwarming video of Taino finally finding a happy ending.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube

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