Bentley the Bulldog has a wonderful story with a strong message to share. Mixed breed dogs, special needs dogs, and senior dogs are usually the last to be adopted at the shelter.

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Often, families like taking care of young dogs and small breeds. So, they adopt the younger and smaller dogs, leaving behind the older and larger ones.

Introducing Bentley The Bulldog Mix Who Gets Adopted

One of the dogs which stayed long at the shelter is Bentley, a 7-year-old American Bulldog mix who weighs almost 100 pounds. Bentley was the longest resident at Pennsylvania SPCA (PSPCA).

PSPCA’s Law Enforcement Team rescued him in October 2016.  Since then, Bentley had been at the shelter, waiting to be adopted. The Pennsylvania SPCA staff tried their best so that Bentley would be adopted.

They posted a lot of Bentley’s videos on social media. These videos of Bentley were cute and hilarious. Dog lovers even shared his videos with their family and friends too.

Next, the staff decided to have a “Tuesdays with Bentley” segment on Pennsylvania’s SPCA’s Facebook page. They would post a photo of Bentley every Tuesday with some new information about him, hoping that someone would pay attention to his cute pictures.

Bentley the Bulldog Mix happy in his new home
Finally in his own home, Bentley the Bulldog is very happy

However, nothing seemed to work out, or so they thought.

One day, a couple went to the shelter and decided to bring him home! The couple said that they followed Bentley’s photos on Facebook, and they were thrilled every time they saw him.

When Bentley was finally out of his kennel, he couldn’t stop kissing his new human parents. They were also excited to take him home.

Bentley spent nearly three years there before he was adopted by a loving family. To be exact, he stayed for 1,076 days at the shelter!

Later on, Bentley helped in the fundraising campaign of Clear the Shelters. Amazingly, he raised $10,000, and the proceeds will be used to improve the shelter facilities.

We are excited to hear more of your stories with your new human parents, Bentley!


Here is another heartwarming story.

Photo courtesy of Pennsylvania SPCA via Facebook

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