grandpa and his dog
Grandpa's dog doesn't care that he has Alzheimers

This loving dog plays with Grandpa, not just with kids. We all think of dogs and kids as a great combination but, really, they are good with everyone. Dogs do not require much of any of us: a good heart and good intentions will do.

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For example, take this dog who visited the family’s elderly patriarch. He had Alzheimer’s and was in its advanced stages. His daughter said that he had already lost most of his speech, but his furry friend changed all that.


Both the dog and the elderly man were excited to play with each other. The intuitive dog knew that his elderly and fragile playmate had special needs, so he behaved accordingly.

The elderly gentleman played fetch with the dog, and his delighted expression said it all. It’s like he met a long-lost friend once more, and he was stoked to have him back in his life.

dog plays with grandpa
Dog Plays With Grandpa

The grandpa started to talk to the furry animal; this was an amazing breakthrough for someone who had lost most of his speech. His family was amazed and thrilled with this development.

When the dog fetched the toy and brought it back to him, the loving grandpa asked what the dog was holding in his mouth. He couldn’t name the toy, but he knew that it was something with which to play.

Dog Plays With Grandpa
Dog Plays With Grandpa who has Alzheimer’s

More Than Just Play, They Loved One Another

Grandpa even said that the dog was all he had and that he’d take care of himself, and the dog, and vice-versa. He couldn’t express himself clearly, but his offer of unquestionable friendship was evident to all the family. You can imagine how this touched their hearts.

Grandpa’s furry friend couldn’t speak, but we’re sure that he understood grandpa’s sentiments. We bless elderly wisdom and dogs’ pure hearts; together, they’re enough to forge a loving relationship.

heart, love, sunset
Dog plays with Grandpa with Alzheimer’s and they develop a loving relationship

This dog gave all his love and attention to Grandpa. Whenever he sensed that Grandpa was getting tired, he would lay down on the rug to receive belly rubs.

It was very obvious to everyone that these two enjoyed their time together. We thank this loving dog for making Grandpa’s last days lighter and happier.

Dog Plays With Grandpa and gets a tummy rub.
Dog Plays With Grandpa and then gets a tummy rub in return.

Even when grandpa was ready to pass on a few months later, we’re sure that the memory of playing with his furry friend brought a smile to his face.

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Photo and video credits to Lisa Abeyta via YouTube

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