Hilarious poses of our loved ones, human or otherwise, always put a smile on our faces. Taking group photos is a fun activity and a great way to bond with your loved ones.

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However, we all have that one friend that no matter what happens, he or she will make an awkward pose that somehow ruins the group photo. It may or may not be deliberate but it always happens.

If you’re taking the pictures, it’s challenging to get a decent shot when one of your buddies is unruly. How much more difficult is it if you’re taking photos of your fur babies?

4 Shiba Inu Posing for Photo
Which one of these dogs is “Trouble” with a capital T ?

Our furbabies are fun to be around and they have a bundle of energy. It is easy to imagine wonderful photos of them! They will follow us anywhere and love to interact with us in almost any activity.

However, when it comes to photoshoots, dogs can be a real handful as well. Instead of getting a perfect image of the shot you imagined, it ends up a crazy and funny one!

Meet Yoko And Her Four Shibu Inus

Yoko can relate to many pet parents. She’s a yoga instructor in Japan, and she knows how difficult it is to get her fur babies together when it comes to photoshoots.

She has four Shiba Inus named Momo, Sasha, Hina, and Kikko, and they’re so adorable. Can you guess which one is always making funny faces in her photos?

More Photos With Hilarious Poses

four dogs on steps
Who is the outlier here? I

Yoko likes taking her dogs to different places. Lucky for her, she has many opportunities to take a gorgeous shot of her fur babies in the scenic areas of Japan.

The only problem is that Hina, the white Shiba Inu, doesn’t want to cooperate! It seems that in every photo, Hina insists on posing different from her siblings.

Whenever Hina’s furry siblings would pose for the camera, she would display an awkward facial reaction. She would close her one eye or smile when the others don’t.

Hina opens her mouth while her siblings do a closed mouth shot. She turns her back while the other dogs face the camera. And, she’ll face the right side when they’re supposed to look left.

four dogs and a Christmas tree
Guess who is getting coal in his stocking this year?

Four dogs with one facing backward

Hina’s siblings always follow Yoko’s instructions, but she wants to stand out from the rest. Since Hina consistently poses the way she wants, Yoko finally just allowed her dog to do so.

The results of the photos turn out to be adorable. Yoko regularly posts pictures of the four lovely dogs on their Facebook account. It is not surprising that they have 40,000 followers and counting.

People adore their photographs, and seeing photos of these dogs will surely make your day happier!


Taking photos of your furbabies can be fun even if they do not always cooperate. However, there are ways to get the photos you desire. https://happymutt.org/terrific-tips-for-taking-photos-of-your-pup/

Source: shibainu4girls

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