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Hugs fFr Littermates Reunited

What was supposed to be a daily routine for two Cockapoos took an unexpected turn when they saw each other one afternoon. The two dogs separated at birth recognize each other and immediately hug!

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It turns out, the pups were from the same litter and had been separated when their previous owners gave them away. Their new owners were surprised that the two pups recognized each other.

The Cockapoos immediately rushed towards each other and gave each other a big hug. It was unexpected since dogs don’t usually hug other dogs they meet on the street.

Startled by this, their new owners, Susan and Dave, tried to figure out why their pups were acting that way.

Separated at birth

Dave and his Cockapoo Monty went out for their usual daily walk in Ayecliffe, County Durham. They both were enjoying the view when they chanced upon someone walking a pup that looked like Monty.

When they got near each other, the two pups jumped and wrapped themselves in a warm embrace. Susan, the other dog’s owner, and Dave talked about what happened.

It was during that exchange that they realized that the Monty and Rosie, Susan’s pup, are siblings. The two pups had been separated for ten months.

It was both surprising and very interesting that they still recognized each other. Fascinated by this, Susan and Dave took their photos and uploaded them online.

Dogs Separated At Birth Recognize Each Other 10 Months Later

According to Monty and Rosie’s previous owner, they belonged to a litter of six puppies. The strong bond between Monty and Rosie was quite noticeable early on.

The two pups would spend most of their time playing and sleeping beside each other. Adorable as that sight was, they had to be separated when different families volunteered to adopt them.

Susan hinted that the dogs would be meeting again once the lockdown is lifted. It’s only right since the dogs will be celebrating their first birthday soon!

I, for one, hope they will be able to keep a close relationship for the rest of their lives.

Credits to Libby Pincher

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