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When a dog runs away, it can make an owner feel absolutely helpless. Having no clue to your pets’ whereabouts leaves you worried about his well-being. It would never cross your mind that your runaway dog was playing with deer while you were worried sick about him!

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A Runaway Dog Worries Her Owner

Rachel Howatt, a dog owner felt this way when her Husky named Koda went missing for days. She tried searching the woods to no avail.

Rachel grew more worried as time went on. She didn’t want her worst fears to come true and her imagination ran wild. Rachel, like any loving pet owner, searched for Koda. She made every effort to find Koda but finally had to accept she was not able to locate her.

Surprisingly, Koda returned home after a few days of searching for her. She appeared unharmed. Being a pretty smart dog, Koda came back on her own.

Rachel Was So Happy Koda Found Her Way Back Home

The best part about Koda returning home is that she was alive and well. Although Rachel didn’t immediately know what happened to her runaway pup while away from home, she ultimately found out. A camera revealed what happened Koda was up to while she was in the woods.

It was an unlikely discovery. After Koda’s return, Rachel decided to check her neighbor’s trail camera. She wanted to know where Koda was spotted.

Fortunately, the camera caught the smart Husky on video. While Rachel sat at home worrying about Koda, the runaway dog was playing with deer!

Buck and Dog appear to be kissing
Sniffing out a friend

Not only that, but Rachel also discovered an unusual bond between Koda and a wild deer. As the video continued to play, Rachel saw Koda interacting with a buck. The male deer didn’t seem to be bothered by the dog’s presence.

They were also spotted sleeping. According to the time stamp, they spent more than 12 hours together. Another photo revealed that there were two bucks accompanying her. The photo gained positive reactions from people.

buck and dog sleeping
Trusting enough to sleep next to supposed enemy

Some were amazed that the deer didn’t perceive Koda as a predator while others were happy to witness such a unique friendship. Rachel is glad Koda returned home safe and sound.

However, her discovery of an unusual friendship between her pet Husky and a buck made her even happier. You don’t get to witness this scene every day. It proves that friendship knows no boundaries.

Koda and deer friend gaze overe the water
unlikely friends have a moment of quiet

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Image Source: Rachel Howatt via Facebook

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