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Home Damaged By Hurricane

Hurricanes are dangerous. They have winds that can destroy properties and injure people. The rain that they bring can flood a place. Many people who are in the path of a hurricane evacuate to somewhere safe. However, this family stays with their dogs during a hurricane.

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This family had advanced knowledge of the coming hurricane. Many people in their area had already evacuated. But to them, leaving their house was not an option they would consider.

Who Are These People? How Many Dogs Do They Have? And Why Family Stays With Their Dogs During A Hurricane

Jesse Cadena and Lisa First are a couple from Texas and they are animal rights advocates. They also frequently foster dogs. They currently have 14 adopted dogs from various rescue shelters.

The couple says that their house is known for its chaos but they love it. Their dogs bring them a lot of happiness, joy, and love.

When Jesse and Lisa first learned about the hurricane, they prepared for staying home. It hit their place on Friday afternoon and by early Sunday, the floodwaters began to rise. Their house was soon flooded. The only things left dry were their table and bed.

It was a good thing that the couple had stocked up on food. People told them to evacuate before the storm but they couldn’t bear to leave their 14 dogs behind. They could evacuate but to find a place where 14 dogs would be accepted would be next to impossible. So they stayed with their dogs in spite of risks associated with the hurricane.

Their preparation helped them survive the onslaught of the hurricane. They made sure that their dogs were safe. To them, abandoning their dogs would not be a humane thing to do. Given the rough life that their dogs had experienced before they were rescued, they could not desert them now.

After five days, the flood started to go down. The couple had a lot to take care of to get back to their normal lives. However, they were thankful that they were all safe and sound despite the hurricane.

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Source: The Dodo

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