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The holiday season is over. It’s time to enjoy the afterglow of all the happy things that happened in the past weeks. If you love the holiday season and energetic canines in equal measure, then this story is for you. Watching dogs pick their own holiday gift is so much fun!

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This story is courtesy of Dogs Trust Ireland. Last holiday season, the staff of the organization’s Dublin rehoming center decided to do something special for their resident canines. They donated gifts for the dog under their care.

The staff also collected gift donations from their friends and supporters. They were able to gather more than enough toys and treats for all of their resident dogs. To make the gift-giving more exciting, the staff allowed the dogs to pick their own holiday gift.

The rehoming center’s dedicated personnel led the dogs one by one into a room full of colorful treats and toys. They recorded the dogs’ reactions. The staff then edited a short video of the best canine reactions they had recorded.

Dogs Picking Their Own Christmas Present

This year we combined toy donations from our staff and amazing supporters, lined them up and let the dogs in our Rehoming Centre pick their own Christmas present.As you will see, deciding on which toy was a big decision for some dogs and some delighted in the squeakiest toy they could find – you’ll need sound on to appreciate their joy in full effect.We hope this makes you smile as much as we did recording the dogs have so much fun!You can find more about the dogs in this video via www.dogstrust.ie/rehoming

Posted by Dogs Trust Ireland on Thursday, December 19, 2019


Some 35 dogs participated in the activity. This meant hours of fun footage. It also meant hours of editing to come up with a short video clip that will engage as many viewers as possible.

The video captured the dogs’ different reactions. Some decided quickly on which toys they wanted. Others took a little longer to choose and seemed confused in front of many colorful options.

But they were all equally happy. Their wagging tails said so. The staff had as much fun as the dogs, too.

The video is now posted to the Facebook page of Dogs Trust Ireland. The organization hopes that the heartwarming video results in more donations.

More donations mean they will be able to care for more homeless dogs. Dogs Trust Ireland has performed this holiday initiative for three consecutive years.

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Thanks to Dogs Trust Ireland

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