This dog is unique. Unlike other dogs, Monte must be in a special position while he eats. This fun-loving pup requires a special chair in which he must eat.

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Bill heard about seven- month old Monte and knew he wanted to spend a day with him. He wanted to see how everything works out for a dog who needed a special chair.

Why Does ThisĀ  Fun Loving Pup Require A Special Chair?

The reason that Monte needed this type of chair is because of a health condition that he has. This condition is called mega-esophagus. This means that there is an enlargement of his esophagus.

There’s also minimal to zero motility (movement). The body needs adequate motility for it to carry the food from the esophagus to the stomach.

When an animal has this condition, they need to be standing up when they eat or drink. And, a special chair is required for a dog to be able to do that. Even when it comes to liquid, they still need to be standing up.

After feeding, they also need to stay standing up for at least ten minutes. This is very challenging, especially since Monte is a puppy with a lot of energy. He needs to be distracted until the ten minutes are over.

After feeding, Bill took Monte for a walk. This is where some of his personality really showed up. He has such a happy go lucky, fun-loving personality.

When they returned to the rescue center, Monte was playing with his friend, and they were having so much fun. Monte is oblivious to his health condition.

He does not realize that he is different from other animals. That’s the beautiful part. He lives his life as normal as he possibly can under these circumstances. He is one beautiful and happy pup!

Monte is available for adoption. His special chair will go with him, and any family would have a lot more fun with him around. He gives love unconditionally and that is what we wish for him. Monte deserves a forever home with a family that will love him unconditionally as well.

Source The Dodo via YouTube

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