Why would anyone set up a hand sanitizing station for their friendly dog? Usually, dogs passed by while walking on the street are too cute not to pet.

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However, because social distancing is in effect, many pups are currently missing out on their neighbor’s attention. So, this beagle mix’s owners came up with a perfect plan on how their pup could socialize while keeping everyone safe.

Sparkle’s greatest joy is sitting on the porch of her home and greeting the passersby. During quarantine, her parents hoped that she would still be able to enjoy her favorite pastime.

So, using a custom-made sign, they let their neighbors know that petting their rescue dog is okay.

Posted by Jennie Ross on Sunday, April 19, 2020


They wanted to keep both Sparkle and the community safe. So, the owners noted on the signboard that they were providing a hand sanitizer for people to use before and after petting their dog. Now, whenever people see the sign, they can’t help but smile.

A few days ago, Jennie Ross, one of Sparkle’s neighbors, was out on a walk with her boyfriend. They were already about a mile from their home when Jennie’s boyfriend suddenly stopped walking and told her to look to her right.

That was when Jennie saw the sign and Sparkle, who was sitting on the front steps.

Posted by Jennie Ross on Sunday, April 19, 2020

Hand Sanitizing Station For Their Friendly Dog Was A Great Idea

Jennie said that Sparkle was “the sweetest thing”. According to her, Sparkle was very relaxed and clearly enjoying her day in the sun.

Jennie thought that the hand sanitizer and the sign were great ideas and also commended how socially responsible she thought this move was.

Jennie took a snap of the adorable pup and shared it on Facebook. Soon, people started noticing the post, with many saying they wanted to pet the dog.

Some Facebook users even recognized Sparkle and confirmed what Jennie said about the pup and the sign. One of the Facebook posters commented that she was glad that Sparkle was getting the recognition that she deserved.

Another said that she would often stop by to pet Sparkle and frequently ended up sitting on the sidewalk for about 15 minutes.

Thanks to the hand sanitizer, Sparkle can still be happy during this lockdown period while she remains sparkling clean.

Keep in mind that we do not have to be overly concerned about catching coronavirus from a dog as it it a very rare occurrence. https://happymutt.org/covid-19-and-your-dog/

Some people may be concerned about germs from a human surviving on a dog’s fur so having access to a hand sanitizer makes them feel safer.

We are encouraged to wash our hands frequently and to use a hand sanitizer if soap and water are not available. This kind gesture was made to keep their dog happy and it also made their neighbors feel safer as well.  Sparkle’s owners are very special people.

Their love for Sparkle and thoughtfulness regarding their neighbors’ safety deserve to acknowledged, don’t they? Feel free to share their story and photo with your friends and to comment below.

Credit: Jennie Ross

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