Miranda Lambert, a famous country music singer, and songwriter loves dogs. Furthermore, she puts her love into action. Thankfully the new husband of a famous singer loves dogs as much as she does!

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In addition to the time she spends enjoying her music and furthering her career, Miranda spends her time saving dogs. This is most often accomplished through MuttNation Foundation, an organization she built.

She also stays pretty busy taking care of the 9 adorable rescue dogs she has adopted.She admits that some people may think that she is crazy for having so many dogs.

However, this doesn’t affect her one bit. Miranda is happy and embraces her dog-loving way of life and so does her new husband.

Miranda Lambert and some of her dogs in the bed of a pick up truck
Miranda and Pups

A Prerequisite for Marriage

Miranda made sure that the person she would spend the rest of her life with knew and loved her just the way she is. “New Husband Of A Famous Singer Loves Dogs” was more than just a public relations quote for her.

It was a prerequisite for anyone hoping to spend his life with her as his wife. Fortunately, Miranda’s new husband, Brendan McLoughlin, seems to share her love for dogs.

Brendan proved on many occasions than he is the perfect partner for her. He also showed everyone that he is the perfect “dad” for their nine fur babies.

Brendan and Miranda started dating in 2018 and married after only one year of being together. Early into their relationship, Miranda made her love for dogs very clear to Brendan.

She was straight to the point when she told him that if he did not like dogs, that would be a deal-breaker.

Brendan Made the Cut and the 9 Dogs Loved Him Immediately

It is a good thing that Brendan loves dogs just as much as Miranda does. The dogs immediately accepted and loved Brendan.

Now, the couple share the responsibility of caring for their nine pups: ROE, Jessie, Waylon, Louise, Thelma, Delta Dawn, Cher, Bellamy, and JD.

Having nine dogs at home can keep you occupied. Understandably, Miranda has been posting many photos online, showing what they are up to as a family.

Some of the pictures show their garden, an adorable horse, and even a photo of Miranda wearing cute dinosaur pajamas.But the best photo shared online was of her husband cuddling Bellamy, Cher, and Delta Dawn on their couch.

Brendan was smiling from ear to ear as he sat with the pups at his side. Miranda explained in the caption that Brendan was laughing at the number of dogs trying to find somewhere to sit beside him on the couch.

The big family surely enjoys each other’s company; that’s why Brendan and Miranda are so perfect for each other. Being quarantined at home can be difficult.

But, having a husband who supports whatever you do and a houseful of loving dogs can make life happier. Miranda is lucky to have both.

Posted by Miranda Lambert on Friday, March 27, 2020


Miranda is well known for her love of dogs and, of course, for music. She is now looking for dogs to include in her music videos.

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Credits to Miranda Lambert

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