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Dogs deal with separation anxiety or stress in various ways. They may also engage in unwanted behavior, especially when they are alone or afraid.

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When they are left alone at home, they may excessively chew things.  bark continuously until you come home or destroy their toys and other things within their reach.

If this is the case, your dog may have canine separation anxiety. This article will give pet owners ideas on how to help your dog deal with their separation anxiety.

A bonus is that you can also learn how to avoid coming home to a place that has poop and pee everywhere. Some anxious dogs destroy carpet, drapes, and furniture when left alone.

Separation anxiety

This is a fairly common behavior experienced by dogs. When dogs are too attached to their owners and who are afflicted with separation anxiety, they may fall apart when left alone in their homes.

They get anxious even when their owners begin preparing for work such as putting on clothes, picking up their suitcase, and going for their keys.

When dogs see the signs of their owners’ departure, they start to feel increasingly anxious. Their separation anxiety makes them fearful.

Fear causes them to engage in behaviors such as panting, drooling, excessive barking, destructive chewing, peeing and pooping.

It was not me!

They may, alternatively, act depressed when they are left by their owners. Some will not eat throughout the day and just lie around looking sad.

How to Deal With Separation Anxiety Associated With Other Health Issues

In some conditions, your dog may be suffering from health issues other than separation anxiety. Pet owners should take them to their veterinarian to make sure that your dog is not having a health problem.

It is important that the veterinarian rules out the possibility of having another, underlying disease causing the symptoms. There are medical conditions that might contribute to the problem.

If you have consulted your veterinarian and your dog is not ill, try training him to overcome the unwanted behaviors in which he engages.

If your dog is fully trained and behaves appropriately when you are at home, then your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety.


Your dog may be bored when they are left alone in the house and, thus, they distract themselves and develop unwanted behaviors. They may also be afraid to be alone.

Whatever the reason, as a responsible and compassionate pet owner, you should train them to be able to stay at home alone comfortably.

Start small

When getting ready for work, pet owners should try dissociating from their activities the dog recognizes as leading up to your departure.

After getting dressed, try to spend some time with your dog or even reading a newspaper. Pick up your briefcase and put it in the car. Instead of leaving then, go back to the house for another minute or so.

After picking up the keys, they should go outdoors for a moment but quickly return inside before actually leaving. In this approach, your dog will not be anxious when you get ready for work.

This approach to leaving the dog alone at home conditions them to relax when you leave. You do not have to do this forever. Soon, you can leave the house without going through this process.

Giving them treats

Pet owners can also give them treats when leaving for work. In this way, your dog will be distracted from your departure. You can also try giving them toys that will distract them from feeling anxious and stressed.

However, make sure to give them toys that are safe for them to play with unsupervised. Some dogs have favorite toys that comfort them and help them relax.

Some dogs are comforted by having a radio or television left on for them. Hearing human voices seems to comfort a certain percentage of dogs.


Many dogs are more comfortable in smaller areas when alone. It may feel similar to being in a “den” and comfort them. Crates, when spacious and not overused, can be of great help in training dogs to be alone.

Maybe A Companion Is The Answer

Your dog may need a canine companion to keep them company when you are gone. You may wish to consider adopting another dog into your family. Just a thought.

If all else fails, it may be a blessing in disguise. Having two of man’s best friends eagerly awaiting your arrival home from work each day is just double the pleasure.


Photos Courtesy of Pixabay and my personal photo album.


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